AirDroid2 is released public Beta: Now with 3G support and more

They good news for those who like remotely control your Android . And it allows us AirDroid connect to your smartphone or tablet via the browser of your computer . It is one of the most popular remote control services for our devices and just released their “Version 2.0” to public beta . As far as any of us can try and go tasting their new improvements.

Perhaps the most notable of which is the possibility to use via 3G . Before we could only use a local WiFi network. But now, thanks to our data connection, we use it from wherever we want . They also include several bug fixes, some extra functionality and increase the speed and quality of the connection.

In the press release tells us that if we by mobile network , the maximum file size that can be transferred is 20MB . They do this to “help us keep our data plan.” In addition, we have a maximum of 1GB data transfer for this first beta published.

only have to unburden the new version and install from the link below. Remember to have the option of “unknown origins ” enabled.

Download AirDroid2 BETA for Android

To use the connection new via the browser must enter through this link:


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AirDroid2 is released public Beta: Now with 3G support and more
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January 16, 2013

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