AirTime for Android, video chat and messaging in groups of six

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that sort of under control Chatroulette Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker launched four years ago called AirTime Android is now in stable version. It has been a long road in which the idea has not stopped evolving and has finally found a medium in which to squeeze their full potential.

Your web application to video-chat with friends and strangers without losing view the connection with social networking has gained in definition on their way to mobile. The new AirTime is a communication tool for video calls in groups of up to six people thought to share moments of leisure .

The application is designed thinking about social groups and not individual contacts. You have to organize your acquaintances in different rooms, with the only proviso that no more than six people in each. Yes it can be repeated, ie, you can get an acquaintance in several rooms.

setting level groups is high, and not only for the option of pointing each with six color available. There are several levels of privacy to decide which rooms will be visible for contacts that have not been invited, which of those that are visible can allow access approved or which are fully open.

Videochat in groups of up to six people

The basic function Airtime is videoconferencing at any time. With such push the button on the top of the group begins issuing room all at the same time. Each choose whether to show the other participants image of the front camera or your rear camera .

Depending on the position of the phone a point of view or another, you will have as we are accustomed video apps. With the screen horizontally broadcasts friends colonize the whole scene, but if the image is vertically smaller and leaves room for the Activity buttons and comments chat.

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Share multimedia content

the social character Airtime goes beyond talks by voice or text known. What its creators are trying to create a platform to share content such as Facebook but with real-time response. In the message thread you can insert your own content, such as photographs or position using geolocation and external media.

The application is connected to platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, vimeo, Vevo or Giphy to interleave in conversations videos and audios . It is very common share in a group of WhatsApp or Facebook the last track of an artist who can like several people, and trying to AirTime is that all listen at the same time.

In these cases it is not necessary to activate the camera, although it is optional. In that case, the current playback can occupy the position at which images would be friends.

Airtime Youtube

for all smartphones?

the only requirement to use AirTime according to official description is to have an Android version 4.3 or above installed Jelly Bean. On that side it should not have too many restrictions. However, his concept seems to be a demanding application with the smartphone hardware.

will also be a black hole for resources . Its creators touted as an application for any time, but especially for use in special and surprising situations, and these occur more often outside than indoors. Video playback and live audio will carry forward the data rate and battery devices.

Behind Airtime there are only two historical technology with successful projects behind them as Napster or Netflix. It also has a lot of funding raised in support of all types of investors and capital-related technology, and both factors are essential to have a good independent travel have that “lucky” to engage with the public.

There are various applications for video calls, two to two or group. Moreover, most of them are based messaging as a base, so that many users already have apps on their smartphones that provide this service. Its strength is the way to go around the concept to put video ahead.

Will it be able to gain a foothold in such a complex environment also has to Snapchat in a sweet moment?

AirTime – All Together now

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AirTime for Android, video chat and messaging in groups of six
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April 30, 2016

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