‘Alaska and Mario, were never


You may have spent more than two years since the end of the third season of” Alaska and Mario “, but neither MTV nor the Terrat nor of course the protagonist couple have forgotten how to make a great reality show. Rather the complete opposite; If something must be stressed it is how consolidated its model , where all the better for it despite the lack of plot guide

The first season wedding.; the second, the trip; the third birthday of Alaska. And the fourth? Neither know nor care . MTV has hung held camera, Alaska and Mario have opened the door of his house and we have on TV. One of the few times that A great story does not need a great script , only a few good characters.

MTV has matured at all, and that the fourth season was recorded almost a trial in just two months. A more organized and less chaotic with more and better shooting edition make ‘Alaska and Mario’ A, closest to any television series that reality itself, much more ornate product without it it is necessarily bad.

 Alaska mario1 Alaska, Mario and David Dolphin in Marbella.

But a change of style is so shocking to wonder to what extent are orchestrated each of the scenes we see. Some no doubt, as the opening scene of the first episode, but others are so hilarious and yet so amazing that is impossible to know whether it is something spontaneous or a fifth decision .

But that’s the magic of its protagonists and the Terrat, we do not notice and do not care. And permeate everything from A nostalgic factor and a bright continuity ; Upstairs we have built together and wedding Amenábar are all witnesses. I just hope they bring back to Pablito, who by now you will have even changed the voice.

And do not miss the philosophical conclusions that put the price of bread through the roof. All vices cost much money, Instagram is the only free. Roses are the cocks . Carded is not logical. And for a man to do three things:. Have a child, plant a tree and give you the ass

Tele Go! | ‘Alaska and Mario ‘inaugurate the season of reality shows (and updates)

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‘Alaska and Mario, were never
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