Alcatel One Touch Hero with a 6 inch screen and electronic ink cover


It has just introduced a new device at IFA this year and this time under the arm Alcatel, the Alcatel One Touch Hero has 6-inch screen and 1080 pixels resolution and Android 4.2.

What most distinguishes this terminal apart is the amount of accessories that includes as a stylus, a projector and screen electronic ink come with a 1080p screen 6 inches and Android 4.2.

The technical characteristics of this new device would be found halfway between smartphone and tablet processor can find 1.5GHz quad-core with 2GB RAM, 3400mAh battery capacity, 2-megapixel front camera and 13 in the back .


Alcatel One Touch Hero will be launched with two variants , a one and one with capacity SIM Dual-SIM and storage will also vary according the model as an 8GB internal memory for the model mono-SIM and 16GB for DualSIM model although both will have a MicroSD card slot or wireless charging but, certainly, and views the specifications that are not of this world, enter the truly characteristic of this terminal, accessories .

What we call attention is his “ MagicFlip “, a cover or inn available in blue or black that can display notifications received without opening the cover of the phone or turn on your screen. The “MagicFlip” runs through LED with very little battery consumption will keep us informed about news we receive in this Alcatel .


About the Stylus is not new since it already existed at the time of the PDA and is also true today in some models of Samsung with its S Pen.

Another accessory is presented by Alcatel TV Link . The TV link is simply that a system similar to HDMI or MHL will double the phone screen on a TV though, as already mentioned, it is not something new in Android Galaxy both as Xperia family already had this option or similar both wired and wirelessly via DLNA.



Finally, as the accessory highlight is the electronic ink cover . This cover also would recharge wirelessly and lets you do the basics without having to turn the phone screen which will mean a considerable saving battery taking into account the dozens of times we tend to turn on the screen to see if there is anything new or do something as basic as checking the time.

With this cover can do many actions on the terminal without requiring a lot of graphics or complications such queries, such as viewing the calendar , appointments, notifications, email, messaging, etc. but of course you can not play games or surf the web through it.

Apparently, both for its size, specifications and accessories, the One Touch Hero device seems aimed primarily at corporate and business use .

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Alcatel One Touch Hero with a 6 inch screen and electronic ink cover
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September 4, 2013

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