Álex of the Church, and HBO announce a new series of terror: ’30 coins’

Álex de la Iglesia and HBO announced a new series of terror: '30 coins’

Is living one of the best moments of his career. Each new movie is an event and celebration for the box office national. After the resounding success of the ‘Perfect strangers‘, Álex of the Church jumps to the small screen with a number that only he would be able to imagine.

HBO Europe scores a both with ‘30 coins‘, a series of horror epic directed by the winner of the Goya award and the Silver Lion Álex of the Church. The director of bilbao coescribe along with Jorge Guerricaechevarría, the eight chapters of the series, which will be produced by Pokeepsie Films. The series, which will shoot in 2019, it is the new production of HBO Europe in Spain.

Master of horror

’30 coins’ account of the tragedy of the father Vergara, an exorcist, boxer and ex-convict exiled to a parish in a remote village in Spain. Wants to forget and be forgotten, but their enemies will find it very soon. Horror, adventure, action, monsters, religion… all the obsessions of the particular universe of Álex of the Church will be reflected in eight chapters of one hour long in which the filmmaker vasco will dump all his imagination and his mastery of the genre.

“Is the dream project of a lifetime. A series of terror pure and hard, without compromise. A project that, after much work, it is, finally, reality. the Suspense, action and mystery in the bowels of a village in Spain’s deep, spreading all over the world…”

“The genre without sweeteners, with the insane intention of entertaining, and remove the sleep. the Loved aberrant, sects, cursed, secret, shameful emerge from the cracks of a reality that is already only inspires distrust… A delight for all those who want to have fun going fear.”, explains the director, Álex de la Iglesia.

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Álex of the Church, and HBO announce a new series of terror: ’30 coins’
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