Alexa, the virtual assistant and voice of Amazon, could help to solve a murder

Alexa, virtual assistant voice Amazon, could be a crucial test for solving a murder occurred in Hallandale Beach, Florida (US) last July, reported a local environment of the southeast of the state.The police of this town t-shirt thinks that the two devices Echo that Silvia Galva, 32 years old, was in his home can be heard and recorded some of the words uttered before his death, of which it is accused Adam Reechard Crespo, 43, who was her boyfriend.According to the Sun Sentinel, Crespo told the police that on the day of her death both were arguing when his bride took a spear we had in the house.Crespo turned and when turned to look, he saw that Galva had the weapon stuck in the chest and they took it out because he thought that the wound was not so deep.The police asked Amazon recordings of the two devices Echo of the house of Galva, and the company did reach, but, according to a police spokesman at the journal, still have not finished testing.This is not the first time that agents come to these requests. Already in 2016, the Police in Arkansas made a request for the giant of e-commerce to to surrender some recordings and solve a murder. devices Echo and Echo Dot are warning permanently waiting of hearing the word “Alexa”, but just listen and recorded from that word “caller”, according to a spokesman for Amazon in the journal.Nothing is stored in the cloud if there is “Alexa” or other word chosen as the activator for the users, the spokesman said Leigh Katsuya.
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Alexa, the virtual assistant and voice of Amazon, could help to solve a murder
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November 1, 2019

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