‘Aliens: Colonial Marines for Xbox 360: analysis

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stick a fork in the knee, you out a tooth with a rusty spoon, tear nails fingers forceps clothesline, burn the eyelashes with a birthday candle or chewing nails. Touch start ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ and I can think of many things equally painful .

If we pay attention to all , to the wave of criticism and that put the game to fall from a donkey and almost asked for its developers can jail the ideas I threw at the beginning of the article fit the Plan. But there is no life beyond the puppet head and let me start the tongue a xenomorph, not look like a great game, it seemed minimally enjoyable .

gray, that eternal forgotten

is something I have been thinking long and what ever I return I read some analysis in other specialized areas. My sense, increasingly, that criticism is totally polarized before any launch . I say “is” , but you know that could say “we” . I am the first to possibly have committed the same error.

We tend to see everything in black or white, no shades. The games are great or are lousy or. O magnify their creators or ordered a public stoning.

We forget that there is a whole tone gray that remind us that a video game, although perhaps not as good as expected, although not innovative, despite not be the panacea the genus or even despite having flaws and bugs more or less precise, can be perfectly enjoyable.

With ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ pass me again. He came prepared to face a ‘Call of Duty: Declassified’ after reading many analysis and end the pain has not been as strong. Not me who says that the game is good, original or has production values ​​commensurate with the requirements of the 2013, but I will not call him a playable insult or aberration.

‘Aliens: Colonial Marines and promises are worthless


What happened to the game so that the reception was so bad? The usual. Promises are not fulfilled, a show that made us wait and a final result that simply is not worthy .

It is worth about what we had been sold, On the idea that many had in mind.

Of course we can be deceived by rugged production , a graphic section is not up to the year that is thrown by a simple game mechanics, IA with a specific failure and a dull and boring script. Not a great game, is a game just enough and that, at this point in the film, after all the promises, not enough.

The good: the spirit of ‘Aliens’ yes that is present

Aliens Colonial<p> Marines” src=”http://img.vidaextra.com/2013/02/aliens-colonial-3.jpg” class=”centro” /></p ><p> But let’s start assessing the game itself and see what it has to offer. The first point that we should stop our attention is that of the Aliens universe. Ojo, a spoiler <strong> </strong> can fall but you need to explain as what.</p> The second film in the series, directed by James Cameron, has directly inspired this game. The main story <strong> could be taken as a direct continuation of the movie </strong>. Incarnated a soldier member of a team of Marines Sulaco addresses responding to a distress message Hicks Cape.</p> Things are soon complicated and our squad will immediately immersed in a battle between Aliens and ? mercenaries of the Weyland-Yutani. Indeed, one of the surprises of the game is the presence of enemies <strong> armed struggle against </strong>.</p> <noscript><img alt = Aliens

A presence that although it might seem anecdotal (grace of the game going to emulate this seasoned group Marines fighting to survive in a facility full of Xenomorfos) key ends up in many parts of the game.

In other words, too often we fight against soldiers and relatively few compared against aliens. In fact the most difficult to beat enemies are mercenaries and not the terrible xenomorfos. Understandable to the end of the day to generate various situations playable but far from what we had been sold.

weird feeling that gives the game an air FPS generic still stronger than you already have by itself ( now delve into that).

Aliens Colonial Marines The lower half of a synthetic in a cargo bay … sound familiar?

Yes, the tributes to the film are everywhere. From the design of spaces, scenarios (as some such to come in the film), the characters or the recordings and legendary weapons that we find.

Even the video cameras that appear in scientific facilities and eighties models are totally divorced from aesthetics and modern dimensions. Come on, that some care and respect each other that have been tried with the source material. is an air ochentero Everything as expected.

The bad: Take away the aesthetics of Aliens and you have left a FPS heap … seven years ago

Aliens Colonial Marines

Let’s get down. We know that the spirit of the film have tried to be present (sometimes more, sometimes less), but this is a videogame. What’s in it as such?

offers relatively little. is a game not far from original and if you touch desposeyésemos the Aliens would stay in a mediocre game like many others. Come on, on a product that could have been released in the early years of the current generation of consoles and pass unnoticed.

And that would certainly be the most accurate summary of what it offers ” Aliens: Colonial Marines. could compete with a ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ for the very first time on PlayStation 3. A visual level, technical level, the narrative level? moves in the same varemos 2006. Does that mean that the game is villain?

clear No, far from it. What it does mean is that comes six or seven years later , which offers nothing new and that he could forgive a launch game console we can not forgive this. But from there to consider it an aberration far a long way.

3D Models sometimes have very little detail, low resolution textures, very few dynamic lights, environments not worked and very repetitive, inconsistent lighting fog to plug gaps in the background , collision zones that do not fit with the 3D model behind them, very few special effects shaders, particle systems well below the current average?

Aliens Colonial Marines

In short, it’s a game that visual level five or six years ago would have been considered a title in the media (also no good) but that day never comes. Simply can not look at his face to other similarly-themed games like ‘Dead Space 3’ . You can find more information about ‘Dead Space 3’ in the analysis made Alex a few days ago.

But there is life beyond the visuals, of course. As I said the game is enjoyable. I mean, it has no serious mistake to make us exploit the console or impede progress in a logical phase after phase if you urge to do so. Do not worry.

situations not ask him not very original or spectacular shootings beyond “have appeared four enemies in this room, and keep moving cárgatelos” . Therefore I said that in the background is a FPS generic throws us situations, one after another, they’ve all lived many games in the same genre .

When the enemy are the mercenaries of the Weyland-Yutani the situation becomes even more typical to lose that unpredictable factor that do give the aliens. Enemies (mercenaries) to crouch, cover and shoot as turrets. AI would not be the most advanced in the world, of course not.

Aliens Colonial Marines

And neither would be controlling our colleagues. Beings able to enter the piece in a corridor full of enemies without worrying or being stuck in an invisible wall trying to enter a room. Fortunately, we can correct that situation (when it happens, which is not usual) approaching them and forcing the machine to calculate another route.

What I said, is not excusable. It should not happen in a game that has been sold always AAA production and that clearly is not. Just not in 2013 and with the quality and production values ​​with the other games that are betting on a similar theme. I must return to ‘Dead Space 3’ as an example of what could have been and is not.


For me, and this is a personal opinion as I know, the limit of a game should not lose what sets ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II Declassified “PS Viita . Possibly the worst game I’ve played in this generation of consoles (counting laptops and desktops alike) and fortunately ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ does not reach those levels .

Not a great game, not go down in history and is unforgivable we have promised to give us as little as . The graphic is taken from 2007 as little and the script and situations are playable generic ibuprofen.

It is clear that the game is not as Aliens franchise and its fans deserve. Whether your development is outsourced, from if they have in TimeGate or Gearbox , this game is not presentable as a product AAA in 2013 who develops it develops. And no, hence they can not get a new franchise of games set in the Aliens universe as initially intended. Much should change the story.

But if we take it as a game of high production (although we have been sold as such, to be sure) and let go by the recreation of the world Aliens game can be enjoyed in moderation. Move, shoot, kill xenomorfos, expect the script tries to give a couple of twists to surprise (not successful, of course) and keep looking homage to films of the saga (and which are not in the series, to see if you find the tribute to the crazy crazy history of galaxies). Mind you, I would wait for the price are lowered enough to give it a try. Perhaps under 20 euros is a purchase fairer .

It is wonderful and not the game we expected, but it is like chewing nails, pulling a tooth with a spoon oxidized or stick a fork in the knee.

PD. By the way, the game has been downloaded analyzed after a patch that fixes a lot of bugs and errors that contained the original version. It is a required patch so you have no way out and appears to improve the user experience. Maybe this patch is what prevents ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ reaches the level of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II Declassified’.


Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 (version tested), PC

  • Developer: Gearbox, TimeGate and several more
  • Distributor: Sega
  • Released: Now available
  • Price: 56 , 95 euros
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    ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines for Xbox 360: analysis
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