Aliens Drive Me Crazy, a game very addictive


Looking for Google Play some href=”” game I came across Aliens Drive Me Crazy, a rather simple but addictive and fun

game, with a difficulty of each level in this case called sectors.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy we get into the story Earth has been invaded by Aliens and taken control of gangsters, who have kidnapped your girl, objetio our rescue.

To do this go driving our car through the various sections of the city and eliminate our enemies, which can be presented in different ways, both as individuals, with different weapons and vehicles to the end of the sector, where the headquarters that we rescue various people, what reward us. We can see a trailer of the game

Every 10 sectors, we find mega -chief the anger which a spacecraft that we remove our weapons, at first we will have a bow, but I removed every enemy can increase our arsenal

Easy? To complicate more things if we get stuck in a building or were embedded we leave as soon as possible, because after a while, a robot in the form of dinosaur’s what swallow us and we will remove the screen.


The game is free, but inside it contains micro payments, what if you want to increase your character for it nourish we a few vitamins our character, passing from the different outfits that can add ( with a plus in the characterization), Guns, Cars, Utilities (Lives, revive, airstrike …) and get more coins

We therefore recommend downloading to hang out, watch it if it becomes addictive, then the tab for the app:

Aliens Drive Me Crazy
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Aliens Drive Me Crazy, a game very addictive
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November 13, 2014

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