All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

beta Pokémon GO has begun to spread through Australia and New Zealand and, thanks to their testers, we finally have a video that really appreciates what the game. It is longer, lasting about nine minutes, and shows how a game is played from the first time the application is started.

remain clear all the doubts we left the primer GO Pokémon video. Above all, it provides answers about the combat system and the use or not of augmented reality, the two key points that were pending in March. And in both cases, the answer is yes


Editor of light characters

coach or trainer, this is the first decision to be taken before starting a game. Then gives way to editor characters, rather simple , which must choose between several types of faces, hair, eyes, clothes and backpack. Of course, you also have to put a name.

All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

they are mere aesthetic details that do not have any impact on the game because they do not alter the individual statistics. Although the character is constantly on the screen while walking around the map, so you have to live with it.

From the home screen you can also access the Pokédex , the compilation creatures captured or sighted, which appear in the form of sliding column. Our pokémon captured are in another section, and can be organized by name, attack or points remaining life.

Capture and combat

So, as such, play loose you exactly the point on the map where you are and invites you to go outside to look for pokémon to catch. The only thing you have in your backpack are 20 Pokéballs to be done with some wild Pokemon. They are scattered around the map and displayed by proximity.

To get them there just to focus them on the image and throwing the ball. No need to previously weaken them by fighting, at least in this beta version. It is an essential element for training, not enough just to level up, because it is the way to understand the effectiveness of the attacks and the relationship between types.

Yes no fighting, are in gyms, special points associated with actual locations of your city or town. You have to pick a team and compete against others and to snatch pokémon. In the battle phase the two creatures are placed face to face, as in the classic RPG, and attack in real time with the only condition that pass recharge time necessary for its implementation, as in action RPG.

Apparently so far, all pokémon have two movements , although the screen is not seen how they choose between them when attacking. They also have stones to evolve.

Augmented Reality yes, but choice

The other big question was whether finally Pokémon GO made use of augmented reality or is running on funds we rendered as seen in the first video. Actually both options are correct.

All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

a recreation map As the player walks down the street, the screen appears with the points of interest which addressed and a silhouette of wild pokémon nearby. But when you approach one of them switch to first person to begin capture and, at that time, given the choice between turning the camera to view augmented reality or leave virtualized.

There is another contact with reality, and it is these points of interest. By visiting parks, libraries, shops and photographed sites are marked on the map prizes are achieved, especially more Pokéballs, but also eggs from which more creatures.

Niantic has taken its experience with Ingress and has been added to Pokémon GO to give more depth to the phases of exploration. Not exactly like the capture points of his game geolocation because there is competition for them, but still the same provision.

No release date

All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

As is increasingly common when Nintendo is involved, the information is not officially but by people who have some form of it or tasting and filters what it is before him. Not a content presentation, or an explanation of mechanical and or an official video of gameplay.

The backlog is increasing Pokémon GO , and beta users warn that some bugs that need to polish the game rather are appearing. It is also possible that this version is incomplete and, for example, the final itself forced to fight a little against wild pokémon before his capture, which is the most logical.

This new video project returned to the starting point because it has confirmed what was expected of him after the presentation trailer. Neither disappointment nor surprise

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Engadget Android | Primer GO Pokémon gameplay video on Android: dissection and compared with Ingress

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All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video

All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video
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All Pokémon GO doubts are resolved with this new video
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