All you need to know before you play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

All you need to know before you play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A Hideo Kojima Game It is impossible to summarize the complexity of the work of Kojima without left somethin...

A Hideo Kojima Game

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It is impossible to summarize the complexity of the work of Kojima without left something along the way. And I say that for me Kojima, Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima. If this year could just choose a title to play, with that this is one of the most interesting years for players, choose certainly Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which has Of course the franchise to the history of video games.

For those who want to give a chance to this title but have not had the opportunity to play the previous, this guide how to walk in the Metal Gear universe be enough to get behind the wheel of Snake Venom, but above all my recommendation is that you give a chance to the previous installments (although some leave a lot to be desired in terms of gameplay.

Strictly speaking, to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain having a fresh idea of ​​previous events do not need to have played the whole saga, but logically it is more advisable if we ignore some of the tracks that we have been given in successive trailers of the series. In this sense, the events of The Phantom Pain are not the last in chronological order, for the different games in the franchise have not been reached the market in chronological order. Somehow, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Zeroes Groun fit between Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear (1987), still back in time about the legendary event Metal Gear Solid (1998), but with some elements that are common throughout the franchise.

I tried this guide the universe Metal Gear Solid is free of spoilers, but there are some points in the argument the plot that are complex enough to require an explanation in depth. In any case, the spoilers will be limited to the previous titles and in no case to The Phantom Pain.

Chronology games: MGS3: Snake Eater> Portable Ops> Peace Walker> Ground Zeroes> MGSV: The Phantom Pain> Metal Gear> Metal Gear 2> Metal Gear Solid> megal Gear Solid 2> Metal Gear Solid 4:. Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Everything Has Its Beginning. But does not start at “one.” It starts long before That, in chaos. The world is born … from zero – Big Bos s

Two years after the end of World War II. The most important leaders of USA, China and the Soviet Union formed a clandestine organization called the Philosophers. By the late 30s, the last of the original members had died, so the organization began to decline while accumulating war booty of more than $ 100 billion. At the end of World War II their internal wars led to the breakup of the group, and their money, known as the legacy of the Philosophers, was stolen

1964. In half Cold and the missile crisis still in the headlines, Naked Snake, a promising young agent War FOX special unit preparing his parachute for the first HALO jump in history over the airspace of the Soviet Union, on a secret mission whose objective is to extract Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a scientist who wants to defect military rockets in the USSR. All goes reasonably well you can go on a secret mission in soil enemy until The Boss, leader of the Fox unit and former mentor Snake decides to defect to the Soviet Union and carried two portable nuclear warheads Mk-54 Davy Crockett of the American arsenal.

The new Soviet friends of The Boss, including General Volgin, decide they can be a good place to detonate one of those warheads on Soviet soil taking advantage of the presence of an American military aircraft in the airspace of the USSR, in order to be the Americans who carried the blame. Meanwhile, Snake, betrayed by his mentor and with a broken arm, barely survives a few kilometers from the site of the explosion, mission accomplished without her, and betrayed by who was once her mentor.

After all the fuss, with the failure of the mission of Snake and accusations by the USSR to the United States of attacking on Soviet soil, the US government tries to avoid a nuclear war by insisting that The Boss, authentic give them guilty of American nuclear weapons to rogue Soviet Volgin, it was a rogue agent and that they do not tolerate nor condone in any way the attack. In all, the Soviet Union to the United States imposes a number of conditions to avoid nuclear war, including Sokolov around the Soviet ranks. In addition have 24 clean up your mess, return to scientific and kill The Boss, his unit Cobra and recover nuclear weapons, so Snake returns to Soviet soil to meet the conditions within.

Back on the ground, Snake returns to Soviet jungle under the command again Leader FOX, Major Zero unit to face his mentor, American nuclear weapons recover and get out without being seen ?. This time, in the grounds which is already familiar, will meet with EVA, which will help to Snake on the main mission to find The Boss, only this time things are a bit more complex.

Snake infiltrates Graniny Gorki, and reaches the office of Dr. Aleksandr L. Granin, which has its own concept of Metal Gear, but the USSR was rejected in favor of nuclear tank, Shagohod, Sokolov, who by the way is being held at the military base of Volgin, Groznyj Grad. Snake infiltrates the base disguised as Ivan Raikov, Mayor of the GRU (who incidentally is too similar to Raiden), to rescue Sokolov, but is arrested and taken a tougher interrogation Big Boss ends up losing an eye. It is at this point that Snake finds the whole pie: plans Volgin go through take over the legacy of the Philosophers under the leadership of the Soviet Union and the Shagohod and Cobra as a deterrent platform, but worst of all is that its mission is actually to recover money for the United States, to recover the legacy of the Philosophers and kill The Boss.

But the Russians and Americans in the Philosophers they are also stuck in the Chinese garlic, and this is precisely where everything fits together. It turns out that the Chinese sent a spy to steal the legacy of philosophers and also kill Big Boss, who will forgive life to end at the request of The Boss. However, this Chinese spy takes a false legacy, and much of the real legacy was in Groznyj Grad returns with Ocelot (ADAM) to the United States, as it has always been a double agent. Snake will face The Boss, defeating one of the most emotional matches of the series, and will return to the United States as the hero did not want and feeling totally betrayed.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

He spoke a little German so His enemies called him, “Frank Jaeger” … the frank hunter

Strictly, Portable Ops does not belong officially to the chronology of the saga form for several reasons. The first, is not run by Kojima although it was written it, and secondly, it has a series of events that Peace Walker rewrites his way adding new and deleting others; so attached to the palpable estrangement from Kojima of this title and the continuous disposal of the chronology of the saga, it is not necessary to understand the facts told in Peace Walker and strictly in Ground Zeroes. However, you may want to play for those who want to delve into the saga.

Portable Ops adds some new to the saga ideas, but invalidates other. Portable Ops, although get in the skin of Big Boss has a separate chapter, and introduces some of the important figures in the second part of the saga with Solid Snake, such as Campbell or Colonel Gray Fox. Up These lines have the full movie of the game, but as things have developed, it is unlikely that this game moments are referenced in TPP not being directed by Kojima. The creation of Fox-Hound by BigBoss and their integration in the American army, the theft of part of the legacy of the Philosophers who lacked the Patriots … all other games chronological disorders that have questioned. However, my recommendation is to give him a chance but, yes, the gameplay leaves much to be desired

Les Enfants Terribles

– Snake. Why are you calling my brother? Who the hell are you
– Liquid: I’m YOU. I’m your shadow
– S:.? What
– L: Ask That You killed the father. I’ll send you to hell to meet him.

The project of Les Enfant Terribles is revealed for the first time in Metal Gear Solid (1998) but has vital importance for the development of Peace Walker and subsequent rivalry between Zero (former commander) and self Big Boss, but has a more detailed explanation of EVA hand Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4 that you can see above these lines.

It is undoubtedly the turning point of the series, and tells how Major Zero, trying to unite the Philosophers FOX unit using the original MGS3 with EVA, is the break between the worldviews that had Big Boss and Zero himself, fearing output Patriots Big Boss by ideological differences, Zero wants to ensure that the genetic value of Big Boss, the perfect soldier, endure over time. As the above discussion of Big Boss to radiation at Bikini Atoll (featuring The Boss in MGS3) had made him sterile, Zero devised a plan to create clones of Big Boss cells to create the perfect soldier based on his genes; so in 1971, aided by Dr. Clark (Para-Medic) launched the project of Les Enfants Terribles.

Thus, in 1972, using the latest technology of cloning and the Super Baby Method, an egg from the assistant Dr. Clark was crossed with Big Boss DNA and transferred to the uterus of EVA, which volunteered to be the surrogate mother. Of the eight embryos created from fertilized ovum six they were aborted intentionally to promote stronger growth in the remaining two. Nine months later, Eve gave birth to two boys called “Twin Snakes”: a genetically clone considered superior, Liquid Snake, and a lower, David, who later became known as our hero Solid. Snake

Ironically, this project ended up causing what Zero had wanted to avoid: When Big Boss learned of the creation of clones, left the Patriots and became, de facto, the enemy of Zero vice versa. Because of this, Zero went underground and changed his name and his organization “Cipher”. After leaving the Patriots, Big Boss, shape, with Kaz Miller had known in the past, Sans Frontieres or MSF Militaires, to provide a military force to any person, nation or organization who needs it, regardless of nation or ideology, a fact that will involve the participation of MSF and Big Boss in the operation Peace Walker.

  • Les Enfants Terribles is the basis for later It is born Solidus Snake and that is used to create the Soldiers New Generation to participate in the assault of Shadow Mosses in the Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Remember, true heroes are never as polished as the legends That surround them

It is no certainly the most important title is the developer and events reaching final in Ground Zeroes and will change the perception of Big Boss triggering its shift toward Snake Venom. On November 4, 1974, after the abandonment of the Patriots and the subsequent creation of MSF, Ramón Gálvez Mena y Paz Ortega Andrade, on behalf of Costa Rica, contact with Big Boss and Kaz and request MSF to help his country was being invaded by a private military company, presumably at the hands of the CIA. In return, Galvez MSF offers an oil plant abandoned at sea for use as a base for MSF in the Caribbean.

Despite the rumors about MSF as a group of mercenaries, and discrepancies Big Boss in the matter, he and Kaz accept the mission after hearing the voice of The Boss on tape. I’ll do the girl . Six days later, on November 10, Big Boss arrives at the Alba beach in Costa Rica, after MSF is installed on the sea floor, the Mother Base. Supported radio Miller, Big Boss infiltrates the jungle and interrogates a radio operator on the possibility of nuclear weapons taken to Costa Rica this private army .

To verify the alleged presence of nuclear weapons in the region, suggests Miller Big Boss seeking local Sandinista guerrillas, who fled the Somoza regime in Nicaragua to see if they had information. Meanwhile, Miller puts everything in place to prepare and improve the Mother Base and Peace, the girl, offered few provide additional support for radio Snake from school in Ciudad Colón.

In this way, Big Boss makes contact with the Sandinistas and their commander, Amanda Valenciano Libre, who confirms that the private army that was in Costa Rica was, in fact, the CIA and the American agency feared that to seek a similar blow to they had supported in Chile. Amanda also confirms that this group Snake CIA has brought to Costa Rica all materials, weapons and equipment, and certainly their intention went far beyond removing the Sandinistas, so that leads to Snake a basis of these mercenaries north of the region.

At the time, they are attacked by drones unmanned type Snake had seen while questioning the radio operator, and Chico, the younger brother of Amanda, It is kidnapped by one of the soldiers the private army of the CIA. Nuesto hero heads north but is forced to neutralize a vehicle LAV-Type G (the first tank damn Peace Walker) and a good group of heavily armed soldiers accompanying him, meeting later with Amanda in the jungle with legs broken, also a victim of a kidnapping attempt and Chico, and saves sending it to the Mother Base using the Fulton, but not before Snake confirm that Chico could be caught in a prison north of the region.

Realizing that both MSF and the Sandinistas needed to trace the shipment of nuclear weapons, Snake infiltrates the prison to rescue Chico (oh, the blue door), which was very familiar with the different routes leading to the mountains. Located Chico, informs Snake of the sea route used by the mercenaries of the CIA: the weapons are loaded at the port and transported by boat to later be nuvos transported on a train through a coffee plantation and finally loaded on trucks for delivery to the other side of the mountain Irazu through an underground tunnel. With this information, our hero gets down to work.

Snake finally reaches the Fuerte La Ladera and identifies the truck he’d seen before, but nuclear weapons have already been downloaded. On site, Snake meets Huey Emmerich, who tells him that former CIA director, Coldman, is planning to launch nuclear attacks by four weapons controlled by an Artificial Intelligence: Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon and Peace Walker. Huey, who first developed these weapons, MSF decides to join, arguing that he did not want to be part of a nuclear attack.

In order that Peace Walker and the rest of IAs must be destroyed, Snake heads to the base Coldman, knowing already that the IA is based on The Boss (that was a voice that Galvez had put in a cassette Snake to encourage you to participate in the operation). When it reaches the base hangar, you encounter Coldman, who reveals that he is the mastermind behind the events of Snake Eater (MGS3). Tortured (again) Snake, the scientist Dr. Strangelove, who took part in space travel for The Boss, already has all the information about The Boss to complete programming of the IAs and to launch nuclear weapons.

Coldman Snake reveals that the first objective of Peace Walker will be the MSF Mother Base in Near the coast of the Caribbean. The trade winds help to disperse radioactive fallout across the region, making fish and crops disappear, leaving many hands free to contribute to the mass production of models Peace Walkers with which to launch his ideas about the need for nuclear deterrence only works when it is shown that it is prepared to launch a nuclear attack using the attack to the Mother Base as an example. At the same time, Zadornov, who is none other than Professor Gálvez, plans to steal the Peace Walker to launch attack on Cuba and all of South America is revealed against the United States, but is stopped by the Sandinistas to help Snake.

At that time, Coldman uses the Peace Walker to deceive the CIA and force the United States to carry out a nuclear attack on the USSR, forcing Snake to face the Peace Walker, which being controlled by an AI The Boss decides to launch self-destruction and prevent an attack. However, with the death of Coldman all seems to be over, but manages to escape and Zadornov Peace Walker crosses Nicaragua. During the fight with Peace Walker, Huy Emmerich gets enough information to build, within the Mother Base a Metal Gear that can serve the MSF as a platform for deterrence if someone wants to attack, when it agrees Snake building the first Metal Gear ZEKE.

Meanwhile, Zadornov and had been Coldman side all the time, manages to escape several times, and it seems that someone is helping him from within the Mother Base. At that time, the young Paz is revealed as a triple agent and manages to steal the ZEKE, also revealing that works for the Major Zero and Cipher (Patriots), all in order to give an ultimatum to Snake: o back with Zero and Patriots, or use the Metal Gear ZEKE to launch a nuclear attack against the US.

Snake returns to fight another Metal Gear, the ZEKE, beating him, and assuming he was dead Paz to ZEKE Knobs and ending at the sea. After every event, a final speech of Big Boss harangue his men to build your own free nation in the Mother Base: Outer Heaven, a place where all the soldiers who want to join the world have hollow and are converted into mere puppets

Metal Gear Solid V:. Ground Zeroes (prologue)

Tell me. What do you see? Hmm? You have eyes. What do your eyes see?

After the events of Peace Walker, Snake and Miller entente that has survived the ZEKE Peace and fishermen rescued near Belize. At that time, Cipher kidnaps Paz thinking he had deserted in favor of MSF and is taken to Camp Omega, Guantánamo, place where he is interrogated and tortured. Boy, wanting to rescue Paz, is also kidnapped and held in Omega.

Big Boss, who hears the call to relief Chico decides to rescue them both to know first hand that information has Paz and he has been able to give Cipher or vice versa. Omega infiltrated the camp and rescued Chico and Peace, Big Boss returns to the Mother Base to realize that peace itself is a loaded with explosives inside and also the Mother Base is under attack by an unknown military trap. ..

continued in The Phantom Pain.

Chronology of events of Metal Gear to 1984


  • In April born Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, later First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

About 1900

  • Born Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin, the scientist who developed the concept for the first bipedal tank, Metal Gear.


  • Born Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a great scientist.


  • 27 Lyndon Baines Johnson was born in August, the future 36th President of the United States.


  • On August 12, born David OH, alias Major Zero.


  • Philosophers group is founded after a secret meeting of Elders, composed of the richest men in the United States, the Soviet Union and China, which meet their fortunes, calling the Legacy of the Philosophers, in order to guide from the shadows, and maintain peace throughout the world.


  • On May 29, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born.


  • The Born Joy (joy), also known as The Boss. She is and will be the last child born to one of the founders of the Philosophers and will be the future adviser and mentor to Naked Snake.


  • The last of the ancient Philosophers dies and leaves no ethical or moral organization because its members now hold the wars for their own interests.


  • Born John, the future Naked Snake and Big Boss, aka Jack.


  • On May 15 born “EVA”, also known as “Tatyana” and in the future as “Big Mama”.
  • On June 22 born Dr. Clark, Para-Medic alias.


  • On November 11, born Donald Anderson, also known as Sigint.


  • The Manhattan Project (USA) officially begins and participates Huey Emmerich’s father (grandfather of Hal Emmerich).
  • The Joy creates the Cobra Unit which is then integrated by The Pain (pain), The End (the end), The Fury (Fury), The Fear (fear), The Sorrow (it) and herself.


  • On June 6 The Joy gives birth on the battlefield during the landing Adamska of Normandy, known in future as Revolver Ocelot, and he will be snatched from the arms of his mother and raised by agents of the Philosophers. The father is The Sorrow. As giving birth by Caesarean section in the battlefield, The Joy will have a scar that looks like a snake.


  • On August 6 Huey Emmerich born. The USA. launch a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima
  • On August 9: The US launch a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki.
  • After the end of World War II, Boris Volgin, an agent of the Russian branch of the Philosophers and Volgin Borisovitch Ievgueni father, known in future as Colonel Volgin, advantage of the confusion to seize the Legacy of the Philosophers and blanch in various banks around the world. A microfilm has the record of all transactions.
  • The three branches of the Philosophers begin to separate, so even bring more tension to the Cold War.


  • Born Kazuhiro Miller, also known as Kaz, McDonell Benedict Miller or, in the future, as Master Miller.


  • the CIA (US) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  • The Joy dissolves the Cobra Unit is established and becomes The Boss. Then return to the United States, while The Sorrow returns to the Soviet Union.


  • Born Pacifica Ocean, alias Paz Ortega Andrade or just Paz.
  • John, the future Naked Snake, becomes the disciple of The Boss, together developed a new technique of close combat, the CQC (Close Quarters Combat ).


  • In June, the Ad Hoc Working Group established the “Green Berets”.
  • In November The NSA (USA), National Security Agency (NSA) is established.


  • In September, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev becomes First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.


  • On March 13, the KGB (USSR), Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (State Security Committee).


  • On July 29, the IAEA is based, International Atomic Energy Agency (International Atomic Energy Agency).
  • On October 4 is launched into space Sputnik 1, a Russian satellite.


  • On February 1, it is launched into space Explorer 1, an American satellite.
  • On 1 October NASA (USA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Administration National Aeronautics and Space) is established.


  • Start the Mercury (USA) Project.
  • On June 12, The Boss abandons Naked Snake to go on a secret mission.


  • Levgueni Borisovitch Volgin inherited microfilm Philosophers Legacy after the death of his father.
  • The Boss is in direct contact with an agent double, that she has to infiltrate the space program of the Soviet Union and provide a lot of information to NASA.
  • In September:. ADAM and EVA, two agents of the NSA, join the Soviet Union


  • On January 20 John Fitzgerald Kennedy assumes office as the 35th President of the United States.
  • On April 12, The Boss is secretly sent into space by the United States and almost becomes unofficially, the first person in space.
    Yuri Gagarin is the first man in space and said “The Earth is blue”.
  • On April 15 takes out the Bay of Pigs Invasion with the approval of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. With the approval of the invasion, John Fitzgerald Kennedy acts against the interests of the Philosophers.


  • Born Ricardo Valencia Free, alias Chico.
  • The Boss goes to the Soviet Union, where he discovers his double agent has switched sides convinced by his ex-lover


  • On August 13 the Moscow-Washington hotline is created, also known as the “red phone” between the Pentagon and the Kremlin, to allow direct communication between leaders of the United States and Russia.
  • On November 22, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is killed (allegedly by the Philosophers). Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes the 36th President of the United States.


  • On August 24 begins the Mission Virtuous
  • From August 30 to September 2 takes place Operation Snake Eater
  • the existence of the Legacy of the Philosophers and the first Metal Gear concept is revealed.
  • Naked Snake Big Boss’s name gained. href=””>Konami,
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