All you need to know to download the series and movies from Netflix on your Android


Netflix finally released their offline mode, we can download in our devices, some of their series, documentaries and movies to view offline anywhere from our Android device.

The downloading content from Netflix arrives in the best moment, just before the Christmas holidays, which is one of the times of year that most movements do, and possibly many to spend the christmas period in remote villages where there is no WiFi and very poor coverage.

Download title


Download a series, documentary or movie from Netflix is very simple, although we have to bear in mind that we can not download all of the titles available on Netflix. To know that we can download it is easiest to access the new section Available for download that shows everything that can be downloaded.


To download a chapter or movie so we only have to touch the download icon that appears in the description of the securities. In the series the icon is available to the side of each chapter. the we can Only download the titles with a Wifi connection. Our downloads will be available on the section My downloads.

video Quality of the download


By default Netflix download the titles in the standard quality (HQ, about 2 hours per GB) but since Settings application, from the section Download we can change the video quality download a high quality (HD, about 1 hour per GB).

If our device goes right storage it is best to download the content in standard quality, the download will be much faster and will occupy less space. For example, the first chapter of The Crown occupies 255 MB in high quality standard in front of the 0,92 GB of high quality, or the movie Lucy will spend the 358 MB of standard quality to the 1.4 GB of the highest quality.

See and manage your downloads

Netflix My Downloads

All of our downloads are listed in our section on My downloads. The chapters are grouped by series. There we will also see the discharge process by offering the option of pause or cancel download.

Delete downloads


in order To remove titles that you no longer want to have available offline on our device, we can press the edit icon and select the chapters, series, movies or documentaries that we want to delete. If we want to delete all the downloads you will find this option in the settings of the application.



you Can download blow all the titles you want while our device has available storage. In the configuration of the application to see the memory that you are using Netflix with their downloads, and the that is available. The downloads are queued.

In Xataka Android | Netflix finally launches on offline mode: you’ll be able to save (some) things for offline viewing

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All you need to know to download the series and movies from Netflix on your Android
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