Alternative to the Roomba that facilitate the tasks of the home (and that you can already buy from offer)

That person who does not have as its weekly task cleaning the house can feel very fortunate. On the contrary, those who have to cope with this hard work have two options: put hands to the work or to postpone the task. However, now that Christmas is approaching, it is convenient to let the house-to-point (always using tricks and useful tips) for all of the plans christmas. Today, this mission is something more pleasant thanks to the technological devices that facilitate the tasks of the home. And is that the one who has a robot vacuum cleaner, has a treasure. The brand Roomba is one of the most recognized in which to cleaning and on Amazon they have several models with which to leave the house unpolluted.– iRobot Roomba 671. The brand has countless of models, each designed for a type of surface or with a few add-ons certain. If what you want is a vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets that is programmable and, in addition, it is compatible with Alexa, the best option is the iRobot Roomba 671, which is available on Amazon for 299,99 euros.

buy 299,99 €

IRobot Robot Fregasuelos Braava. If you just spend time at home and, therefore, nor find the time to clean, what you need is a two-in-one. And that is what is proposed by the robot fregasuelos Braava, scrubs and sweeps in their two modes of cleaning available. This device is suitable to remove the dust and pet hair and is more suitable for hard floors.
buy it for 299 euros

however, Roomba is not the only option to achieve the maximum effectiveness in the cleaning of the home. For this reason, we have selected alternatives that are on offer on Amazon for that you don’t have to wait to Black Friday to get them. – cordless Vacuum Shark. The cables of the electrical appliances hamper the speed of the domestic cleaning. For this reason, every time there are more people who opt for a vacuum cleaner cordless. This Shark has, in addition, a flexible tube and foldable makes it easy to clean in those hard to reach areas.
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Shark Rocket HV380EU. Those who cleaned the home daily only need a little extra help that keep the result obtained day-to-day. For them, the vacuum cleaner, broom Shark Rocket is the most indicated, to be a simple solution (and quick) for daily cleaning. In fact, can be transformed into a portable device of a smaller size to be able to handle it for all surfaces.
buy for 129,99 euros

Shark Ninja IF250EUT. Despite the fact that we follow a routine daily or weekly hygiene at home, nothing frees us from having to perform a complete cleaning once in a while. It will be then when you have to pay attention to areas that are not well for the rush well by its difficult access, often go unnoticed. The ceilings, the baseboards, the carpets and the upholstery of the sofa are some of the items to review and, thanks to the vacuum cleaner broom cordless Nija Shark, will look as good as new, thanks to the two rolls of brush that you have this small appliance.
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Alternative to the Roomba that facilitate the tasks of the home (and that you can already buy from offer)
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November 17, 2019

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