Amazing apps for Android, Today Floating Draw

application for android incredible today 2 amazing floating draw Applications for Android, Today Floating Draw

started this last week of the year and first 2014 with a new delivery amazing Apps for Android , and this time I want to submit an application to the terminal users LG a very good insurance and they will sound much.

The application is called Floating Draw and we have available direct from Play Store Google on two different, a totally free and paid versions on the other, although both without advertising added.


offers Floating Draw

amazing android apps for today draw 5 amazing floating Apps for Android, Today Floating Draw

Floating Draw offers functionality Quick Memo own terminal brand LG on other Android models with just being in a version of Android 2.1 or higher , which means that it is valid for all devices.

Floating Draw , like Quick Memo LG allows us to annotate the flight over any application or screen that we open our Android. So we can, in addition to makes notes, geometric shapes, we crossed out and underlined.

To access the functions Floating Draw just have to, since the desired screen, slide the bar notifications or backdrop to open and start using it.

A very interesting application especially for those who usually do graphics tutorials explaining the operation of our terminals and as Android uses a particular application.

Draw Floating Key Features

  • No advertising added in either of its two versions available
  • allows to draw or take notes on any screen or open application
  • Change colors and thicknesses or drawing annotation
  • Draw geometric shapes
  • Fill color
  • Save creations by own screenshot of your Android.

Features include

not noted for save screenshots with annotations or drawings, for this we have to use some of the applications available in the Play Store or the function itself screenshot integrated Android 4.0 . up by combining more keys Power Volume Down

More info – Amazing Apps for Android, Today FxGuru


 Amazing Android Apps, Today Floating Draw Floating Draw
Price: Free

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Amazing apps for Android, Today Floating Draw
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January 2, 2014

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