Amazing Gadgets for Android, today SuperSmoker

Today I want to introduce in this section of Gadgets incredible for Android , a gadget I’ve seen surfing the Internet, specifically website Android Police , and I have a lot of attention.

The gadget in question is called SuperSmoker is one of those electronic cigarettes that are both fashionable lately and have opened a great social debate about its legality or even their health .

What is SuperSmoker

SuperSmoker an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette that has four distinct parts, unlike the conventional electronic cigarette that has only three sides.

In the conventional electronic cigarette can we find the part of the battery, the atomizer and the nozzle, while in this SuperSmoker we can find Bluetooth as a component of own e-cigarette .

us What is Bluetooth in an electronic cigarette

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Let’s just say that the idea is not bad thought at all, and if anything is distinguished Smokers of electronic cigarettes these is always carry around your neck such steaming apparatus. And while we look for some other more useful, these visionaries have seen the flip create an e-cigarette from which we can control our music or even accept or reject incoming phone calls.

No doubt

Gadget is at least curious as they come in but if you do not see a utility that will be essential to our daily lives. Sure more than one and is thinking or wondering where you can buy it

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Amazing Gadgets for Android, today SuperSmoker
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February 20, 2014

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