Amazon acquires voice assistant Evi, available for Android and iOS


The mobile sector is encouraged by the continuous movements undertaken by different companies. And that of course, is a cake where nobody wants to run his piece. The last move to date comes on the heels of Amazon, who has purchased the voice assistant Evi in ​​the amount of $ 26 million. Evi is a voice assistant available for Android and iOS platforms, and in fact, has had a good start in its release through the App Store for its similarity to Siri.

For now are just rumors , but this move reinforces the idea that Amazon is working on developing its own smartphone, although some people think it might just be a value-added for the new Kindle Fire.

It will be recalled that Earlier this year, Amazon bought Ivona, which allows the transformation of voice input texts. For now there is only speculation about his future, one of which is the possibility that Ivona can be combined with Evi.

In any case, we must be attentive to the movements and the necessary confirmations from both companies, but what is known is that the directors of Evi Technologies Ltd have been replaced by the legal representative of Amazon UK, motion confirmed by an annual Octopus Ventures.

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Amazon acquires voice assistant Evi, available for Android and iOS
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April 20, 2013

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