Amazon Music expands its free access to compete with Spotify and Apple Music

Amazon also wants to be the king of the music. In its battle with Apple Music and Spotify for the songs in streaming, Amazon Music has decided to extend its free access, such that users can listen to multiple playlists and emisoras.De time, clarifies the company Jeff Bezos, this free service is available only in the united States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Yes, as it happens on Spotify, going to include ads.According to Amazon, this option allows you to “play thousands of radio stations based on any song, artist, era, and genre; listen to the best of ‘playlists’ at the global level; and the best songs vacation”.From now on will be accessible to your application on iOS, Android and Fire TV and on its website without the need to subscribe or enter a credit card number. So far this free service was only available in devices Echo.Between the playlists that happen to be accessible are ‘All Hits’, which brings together the successes at the global level; ‘Latin Fire’, which includes the Latin-themed most-listened-to of the week; and ‘Country Heat’, with country songs.Amazon includes this service to options in their Prime, and Unlimited, ad-free, but with cost. With Amazon Prime (for 36 euros per year) can also access a catalogue of over two million songs. With Unlimited access to 50 million songs and the latest releases for 9,99 euros per month, although the first four months has a cost of 0.99 euros for new subscribers.While, the commercial rival mentioned, or to be, Spotify, has submitted ‘Your’ Daily Podcasts’, a new feature that will allow users to receive recommendations of podcasts through a playlist based on their own tastes.the company says that its music service in streaming analyses by using algorithms, the behavior of users with the podcasts who have listened, downloaded or followed, and recommends the best for each person.The war for the music in streaming can get more rivals. According to account journal Financial Times, TikTok is developing a music platform I plan to release in December of this year.The company china Bytedance, the owner of the application TikTok, is in talks with record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music, to have the necessary music licences to be able to offer the best songs of the artists more important.
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Amazon Music expands its free access to compete with Spotify and Apple Music
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November 20, 2019

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