Amazon throws away 3 billion new products each year

Amazon has a catalog of 400 millions of different products, but not all are profitable for the company. What is not known is what the company does with the products that you may not to resell: the destroys.

A research program called Capital, of the French chain M6, is cut in several stores of the company in France and recorded how employees cast to incinerators and landfills thousands of new products, a practice that is legal but ethically reprehensible. The program estimated that are thrown around 3 million products the year in all the world, for a value of $ 100 million, according to the BBC.

The program recorded with chamber of secrets what was happening in the stores and with a drone tour of the trucks from these to the landfills. According to Guillaume Cahour, the journalist who investigated the case, it is “an aberration, ecological, economic, and social.” In the pictures you will see how they throw boxes of Lego unopened packages of diapers closed.

why don’t we give away to people that need it? According to the BBC, the key is that you must pay taxes by making donations, so that for the company is it cheaper to throw away or burn the products that give it away.

After the broadcast of the documentary, the French Government reacted by explaining that you want to take measures to ban these practices.

For its part, Amazon denied that destroyed products and explained that these are the suppliers who have the final responsibility for the products.

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Amazon throws away 3 billion new products each year
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February 1, 2020

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