‘American Crime’ season closes leaving sediment for its thematic relevance and the implementation of its ambitions

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spoiler alert : This article is a commentary on the second season of American Crime, which reveals important plot details

despite living a very sweet to be a follower of time fiction series – good- much and done, still enough room for surprise, originality, unique vision, narrative ambition and authorship without limitations. I do not mean that the series have to be original to be good or interesting, much less, but in this scenario so ornate title is highly refreshing and comforting to find something so personal, ambitious and transcendent as ‘American Crime’ .

it was something I insisted much cuando he is speaking here of what had been the first, and season that has remained in the second. The most exciting ‘American Crime’ is clear with its creators what they want to tell and how they want to do, especially for the view and approach with the issues that expose , from the present even more passengers. Follow him to the end results in characters and complex dramas where the perception comes into play each constantly


Ambiguity and multiple visions

American Crime

the second season of ‘American Crime’ again leaves us without knowing the truth about any of the issues raised. It is not important. The intention of ‘American Crime’ is portray how each of the parties lives and feels a reality that is perceived through a personal filter in influencing all kinds of issues from racial, family and social to emotional or character. You know, that that there are many realities as there are people .

It is complicated and risky into a narrative where ambiguity is so present. Why ‘American Crime’ is so admirable, because it makes a drawing seems credible to all these points of view, some very contradictory, and is valid and understandable arguments for all . Anyone can understand that Eric was swayed by what his chateo had intimated him that Taylor sought; but on the other hand it is not hard to argue that Taylor time Eric was afraid and not allow him to turn back.

The big surprise for me this season has been how history has introduced an element of murder in high school , a topic sadly recurring in US News and obviously delicate . John Ridley, the creator, could have gotten in a jardinazo if the whole story apparently had fallen into a justification for Taylor’s outburst. However, its sensitivity is also applied in the response that gives the series to the question of What drives a teenager to carry a gun to school and kill a companion .

in this story we see bullying, sexual harassment we also are involved drugs or social rejection (by class, race or sexual orientation). Even drops the easy reach of the weapons. There are multiple elements, interests and characters in the game, everything influences everything. Everyone has their argument. Liv Tyler’s character is the supreme representation of how any act you can search for a justification or excuse . In this line the plot has been director Carter and fight in high school. Again, violence. And both crime and punishment are peppered with excuses, justifications and reasons for one or the other.

Arguments for All

 American Crime Season 2 Episode June 40 3866

-Be falsely accused of harassment, being an openly gay athlete, be a role model what does it mean for you
I do not want to think about that
-? (…) do you think you’ve made it easier for other gay athletes come out
do not know . Probably you not, see all this attention I get and want to hide even more. The only thing they want to talk all is that I am gay.

Recently, much carry the series of vigilante ( viyilantis vigilantes ) but here the issue is dealt subtly through some unpleasant sequence with Eric but, above all, with the character of Richard Cabral, a hacker who uses his power to reveal secrets about institutions that believe contemptible. Until it gets out of hand, with the best of intentions [1] . If anything is clear in this story it is that justice is complicated when the truth does not exist .

Again we return to the ambiguity. It is clearly seen in the way they act and react coach as events unfold, confused by its own principles, but especially seen and suffers in Leslie Graham . It is a stimulant character who manages to introduce a admirable, decisive, strong and assertive woman who handles situations with security and intelligence. However, constantly they cast doubt on their interests, ethics and inclination to manipulation.

It is a game that has to constantly deal the viewer, it is with the character of Regina King, a woman whose racism and classism overflows when your child is a victim of certain allegations, but the time begins to be aware and be affected by the consequences of their impulses and decisions. Terri LaCroix has been one of the few characters with changing of the season, and is another feature that has ‘American Crime’ is that there are no major changes or learning or forced into any of the people . What just get the facts stated is catalyze the radicalization of some people and their beliefs.

I will not again insist on the work of visual narrative of this title because ya I elaborating on my previous article , but I can not help but reinforce the idea of ​​how so exquisite, subtle and careful storytelling and characters are also transferred to its staging, the measured and tone care of each dialogue [2] and an assembly never has room for a flat or a secondary or irrelevant to what is being exposed at all times character.

finally, a jewel imperative that you enjoy while you suffer; getting that as viewers think about the issues presented to us and us to consider different points of view thanks to the unique global perspective it offers. A work that leaves grounds both for its thematic relevance as the implementation of their ambitions . Hopefully ABC deaf to the numbers and decide to give us another season of ‘American Crime’.

[1] Speaking of Richard Cabral, I can not stress enough how amazing it is in the first season of ‘American Crime’. Her character is wonderful and it gives you a unique personality and strength. Another reason to recommend you to see first if have begun this second
[2] can not ignore the rejection that could easily cause such a highly dramatic and momentous as this series.; a series that has clear the importance and complexity of the issues involved and getting not fall into excesses or deviate in tone.

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‘American Crime’ season closes leaving sediment for its thematic relevance and the implementation of its ambitions
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March 16, 2016

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