American series most viewed in Spain and 17 other countries who are not United States

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seriéfilo Anyone who cares to dig a little quite easily you get access to American audiences in their series homeland, but the international market is increasingly more important . It is still a rarity that causes a series still alive or to re-emerge from the ashes, but I suspect that is something that will soon change.

All this has led to Vulture to conduct a thorough review of what American series that work best in 18 foreign countries, including Spain being . The study has focused on the audience of the series broadcast during prime time between January 1 and October 31 this 2015 and then be able to consult a quite curious results among which you will find many surprises



  1. ‘The Flash ‘
  2. ‘ Forever ‘
  3. ‘ The Strain ‘
  4. ‘ Zoo ‘
  5. ‘ The Whispers’
  6. ‘Extant’
  7. ‘Secrets and Lies’
  8. ‘CSI: NY’
  9. ‘CSI’
  10. “CSI: Cyber ‘

This is very noticeable that the American series no longer occupy a privileged place on the grid in our country, so, with the exception of’ The Flash ‘which we’ll see how They work in his second season-series are especially Cuatro and laSexta who enjoyed good reception. You also draws attention that there are three CSIs on the list, but hey, they are programmed in a somewhat interchangeable …


  1. ‘CSI’
  2. ‘NCIS’
  3. ‘Bones’
  4. “CSI: Cyber ​​’
  5. ‘ NCIS: Lost Angeles ‘
  6. ‘ The Blacklist ‘
  7. ‘ Hawaii Five-0 ‘
  8. ‘ Criminal Minds’
  9. ‘The Mentalist’
  10. ‘The Mysteries of Laura’

The only thing I will say is that the Germans should love passionately procedural …



  1. ‘The Simpsons’
  2. ‘ER’
  3. ‘Brothers & Sisters’
  4. ‘Homeland’
  5. ‘Zorro’
  6. ‘CSI’
  7. ‘KC Undercover ‘
  8. ‘ Over the Garden Wall ‘
  9. ‘ Scream Queens’
  10. ‘We Bare Bears’

I am convinced that ‘The Simpsons’ have also appeared in the list of non-Spanish have limited scope to prime time, but no joke in first position. Of the rest, I love seeing there to the delicious ‘Over the Garden Wall’ and the emergence of ‘Scream Queens’ makes me grieve or joke that will have second season-and that the former has gone more less -.


  1. ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  2. ‘Quantico’
  3. ‘How to Get Away With Murder ‘
  4. ‘ Revenge ‘
  5. ‘ The Blacklist ‘
  6. ‘ Criminal Minds’
  7. ‘Limitless’
  8. ‘Bones’
  9. ‘The Odd Couple’
  10. ‘NCIS’

A varied selection with options for all tastes, and space for both new to series with many seasons behind him. They taste more or less lucky, but very balanced.



  1. ‘ The Blacklist ‘
  2. ‘ The Dome ‘
  3. ‘ Austin & Ally ‘
  4. ‘ Dragons ‘
  5. ‘ Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness’
  6. ‘Spongebob’
  7. ‘Static Shock!’
  8. ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’
  9. ‘That’s So Raven’
  10. ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’

A country dominated by young audiences, and up van and they cancel them ‘The Dome’!


  1. ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  2. ‘Quantico’
  3. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
  4. ‘Blindspot’
  5. ‘Criminal Minds’
  6. ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’
  7. “CSI: Cyber ​​’
  8. ‘ NCIS ‘
  9. ‘ NCIS: New Orleans’
  10. ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

All pretty popular series in the United States, but the most striking thing is that ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ work as well in the neighboring country, while its original market weakens so much that no one should be surprised that it is canceled by much has improved in artistic terms from their slow start.

South Korea


  1. ‘Scandal’
  2. ‘Dragons’
  3. ‘ Criminal Minds ‘
  4. ‘ NCIS ‘
  5. “CSI: Cyber’
  6. ‘CSI’
  7. ‘Castle’
  8. ‘SpongeBob’
  9. ‘Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu’
  10. ‘Mamotte! Lollipop ‘

Procedural and series for children. I do not know how much the love of dramas in the country explains the leadership of ‘Scandal’ …


  1. ‘Forever’
  2. ‘Person of Interest’
  3. ‘The Mentalist’
  4. ‘Unforgettable’
  5. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
  6. ‘Criminal Minds’
  7. ‘Castle’
  8. ‘Chicago PD’
  9. ‘Rizzoli & Isles’
  10. ‘CSI’

Another country that loves the procedural -¿se recover any channel paraphrase ‘Forever’ watching how well it works in the international market – but I can not say anything bad about the inhabitants of a country that are as tasteful as to help up to the excellent ‘Person of Interest’ to the second position


  1. ‘The Mentalist’
  2. ‘CSI: Miami’
  3. ‘Bones’
  4. ‘CSI’
  5. ‘Castle’
  6. ‘Queen of Hearts’
  7. ‘NCIS’
  8. ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’
  9. ‘JAG’
  10. ‘State of Affairs’

The presence of the veteranísimas’ Walker, Texas Ranger “and” JAG “-the first ended in 2001 and the second in 2005, almost nothing-everything else makes very little amount, even there is an originally spoken in Spanish in sixth place saga.


  1. ‘The Karate Kid’
  2. ‘Curious George’
  3. “Alvin & the Chipmunks’
  4. ‘Crime Time’
  5. ‘Aladdin’
  6. ‘Sheriff Callie’s Wild West’
  7. ‘Tom & Jerry’
  8. ‘ Power Rangers Megaforce ‘
  9. ‘ Super Wings! ‘
  10. ‘The Flash’

A slightly odd choice, as they also included a movie. Yes, here children should have supernatural powers on the remote control if we trust the ten lucky …



  1. ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’
  2. ‘NCIS’
  3. ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’
  4. ‘Cedar Cove’
  5. “CSI: Cyber ​​’
  6. ‘ The Flash ‘
  7. ‘ Castle ‘
  8. ‘ NCIS: New Orleans’
  9. ‘Arrow’
  10. ‘Elementary’

Soaps always enjoyed good reception in Italy, but not at their best moment popularity there. However, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ holds the number one. Otherwise, surprised, and much, that ‘Cedar Cove’ enjoyment of so popular because it is a series that is going unnoticed very broadly.


  1. ‘Spongebob’
  2. ‘Malcolm in the Middle’
  3. ‘Victorious’
  4. ‘iCarly’
  5. ‘Criminal Minds’
  6. ‘The Mysteries Sylvester and Tweet’
  7. ‘Marvin Marvin’
  8. ‘Adventure Time’
  9. ‘The Haunted Hathaways’
  10. ‘Power Rangers Megaforce’

Many series of infant and juvenile court, but …. ‘Malcolm in the Middle’! How great it was.


The Book Of Negroes

  1. ‘The Book of Negroes ‘
  2. ‘ Crossbones’
  3. ‘AD: The Bible Continues’
  4. ‘ Frontline ‘
  5. ‘ True Justice ‘
  6. ‘CSI: New York’
  7. ‘Bones’
  8. ‘CSI: Miami’
  9. ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’
  10. ‘CSI’

The Poles have a great interest in the miniseries, a format that should work well exploited very well in our country, but what you really makes scratch your head in disbelief is the documentary series ‘Frontline’ is so popular there, what will be? Although good, the short-lived series led by Steven Seagal also holds its own.


  1. ‘Humans’
  2. ‘ Homeland ‘
  3. ‘ American Odyssey ‘
  4. ‘ Gotham ‘
  5. ‘ CSI ‘
  6. ‘ The Mentalist ‘
  7. ‘NCIS: New Orleans’
  8. ‘ Episodes’
  9. “CSI: Cyber ​​’
  10. ‘ Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ‘

I think he has a little trick include ‘Episodes’, as it is a co-production between the US and UK, but the domain of ‘Humans’ makes that remain in background.



  1. ” CSI: New York ‘
  2. ‘Lie to Me’
  3. ‘Braveheart’
  4. ‘The Mentalist’
  5. ‘Rizzoli & Isles’
  6. ‘Drop Dead Diva’
  7. ‘Nikita’
  8. ‘Two and a Half Men’
  9. ‘Les Miserables’
  10. ‘ Spartacus ‘

More than half of the list is made up of series and canceled or have come to an end. It is seen that the Romanians do not like too much, or American news still not even been released in open there-. Moreover, it is clear that ‘Braveheart’ is a soap opera in Spanish spoken.


  1. ‘Game of Thrones’
  2. ‘ The Librarians’
  3. ‘Body of Proof’
  4. ‘Once Upon a Time’
  5. ‘Dragons’
  6. ‘ Vikings’
  7. ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’
  8. ‘The Mentalist’
  9. ‘Masters of Sex’
  10. ‘Unforgettable’

Well variadito for both formats and sharing between sets and cable- Network, and I draw much attention that it is precisely Russia the only country in the list in which ‘Game of Thrones’ occupy the first position.

South Africa

Modern Family

  1. ‘Modern Family’
  2. ‘How I Met Your Mother ‘
  3. ‘ The Bold and the Beautiful ‘
  4. ‘ Teen Wolf ‘
  5. ‘ Spongebob ‘
  6. ‘ Transformers: Robots in Disguise ‘
  7. ‘ Second Generation Wayans ‘
  8. ‘ The Bold and the Beautiful ‘
  9. ‘ Days of Our Lives ‘
  10. ‘ Yo Gabba Gabba! ‘

One of the countries with more eclectic tastes, especially surprising the remarkable popularity of various series designed for young audiences. Indeed, I suspect that the dual presence of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ must be either a typo or functioning so well that his replacements also manage to sneak back into the Top 10 …


  1. ‘Mr. Robot ‘
  2. ‘ True Detective ‘
  3. ‘ Homeland ‘
  4. ‘ Gotham ‘
  5. ‘ Grey’s Anatomy ‘
  6. ‘Criminal Minds’
  7. ‘NCIS’
  8. ‘Game of Thrones’
  9. ‘CSI’
  10. ‘Stalker’

A series as minor as’ Mr. Robot ‘at number 1? It is clear that overshadows everything else, until the failed ‘Stalker’ sneak achieve tenth position

Via. | Vulture
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News The American series most viewed in Spain and 17 other countries who are not United States was originally published in Go Tele by Mikel Zorrilla .

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American series most viewed in Spain and 17 other countries who are not United States
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