Amnesty is accusing Facebook and Google of being a ” danger “unprecedented” for human rights

Do we monitor Facebook and Google? Up to what point? Amnesty International think yes, that watch over us. Is more, the NGO dedicated to the defense of human rights, civil, political, economic, cultural and social, believes that those two great and onmipresentes companies attack with its practices against human rights.In your report Giants of the surveillance, Amnesty analyzes the monitoring that Google and Facebook do on the recorded data of the billions of users of Facebook, Instagram, the Google search engine, YouTube and WhatsApp. It is, says the NGO, a danger “unprecedented” for human rights.“The pervasive surveillance that exert Facebook and Google on billions of people is a danger of systemic human rights”, warns the organization in 1977, he was awarded the Nobel peace prize Paz.Su document accuses the business model of Facebook and Google, based on the monitoring, “being intrinsically incompatible with the right to privacy” because it “represents a hazard systemic to various rights more, as the freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought and the right to equality and non-discrimination”.In the words of Kumi Naidoo, secretary general of Amnesty International, “Google and Facebook currently dominate our lives, because you build up a power without equal on the digital world by means of the collection and monetization of personal data of billions of people. Control insidious of our digital lives undermines the very essence of privacy and is one of the human rights issues that define our time”.The report mentions other powerful technology companies —including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft— but considers that they are the platforms of Facebook and Google (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube and WhatsApp) which “have become essential to our way of relating and interacting, becoming, in effect, a new global public square”.”To protect our basic human values —dignity, autonomy, and privacy— in the digital age is necessary to have a radical transformation of the way in which the big technology companies to develop their activities in order to give way to an Internet based on human rights,” says Naidoo.Amnesty called on governments to take urgent measures to transform the business model based on surveillance, and protect us from corporate abuses against human rights. Among them, the NGO mentions the application of strong data protection laws and the effective regulation of the large technology companies in accordance with the law of human rights.“We have already seen that with the enormous architecture advertising Google and Facebook is a very strong weapon if it falls into the wrong hands. Not only can it be misuse of it for political purposes, of potentially disastrous consequences for the society, but also allows all kinds of new tactics advertising opportunists, they prey, for example, in people vulnerable due to illness, mental health problems or additions”, denounces the secretary-general of Amnesty International.
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Amnesty is accusing Facebook and Google of being a ” danger “unprecedented” for human rights
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November 22, 2019

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