Amparo actress dies Rivelles


  • was 88 and began acting at 13. His debut film did 15 years in the film ‘Mary Jane’ Armando Vidal.
  • Among other accolades, has won the National Theatre and the Goya actress for her role mejoz in ‘We must undo the house’ (1986).
  • Carlos Larrañaga was sister and aunt of Amparo Larrañaga and Luis Merlo.

 Amparo Rivelles

The actress Amparo Rivelles, one of the most important female faces Spanish film and theater scene, has died Thursday at age 88 . His career earned awards such as the National Theatre and Goya Award for Best Actress .

The chapel of the actress will be installed on Friday at the Alcazar Theatre, which will remain open from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon “express wish to the actress” . This was confirmed by sources close to the family, who have added Amparo Rivelles had a predilection for this theater , in which he lived successes.

A woman of great beauty and unmistakable personality , Rivelles born in Madrid on February 11, 1925 and belonged to a vast series of actors . He debuted in Barcelona at age 13 in the scenic company of his mother, Maria Fernanda Ladron de Guevara, with comedy Seven Women , Leandro Navarro. Only two years later, with 15, made his first appearance in film , in the movie Mary Jane , Armando Vidal.

reached the quick fame and got an exclusive contract with the producer Cifesa, for which he made one of his best roles in years 40 and 50 . He worked with Orson Welles in Mister Arkadin (1954) and Tulio Demicheli in luminous wound (1957).

voluntary Exile

traveled to Mexico in 1957 to interpret the play A room full of roses and what at first was going to be a short stay turned into voluntary exile over 20 years .

Along with Lola Cardona starred have to undo the house (1986) of Sebastian Junyent, with which he was awarded the Lope Vega and a Best Actress Goya character. His last performance was with Doubt in 2006.

Rivelles won the most prestigious awards for her acting career: the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1990), the National Theatre Award (1996) and the Gold Medal of Merit Cinema Writers Circle (2006).

Granddaughter of the actors and Amparo Rivelles Jose Guillen, and daughter Rafael Rivelles interpreters and Maria Fernanda Ladron de Guevara, Amparo was sister Rivelles Carlos Larrañaga and aunt of actors Amparo Larrañaga and Luis Merlo.

Amparo actress dies Rivelles
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November 8, 2013

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