An android phone with e-ink screen, a month of autonomy and weight 70 gr

Every so there is a fair, event, conference or whatever, because the name is immaterial, in which the goal is the same, show more and technology developments and offer the best of the best, trying to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately it seems that versus “best” to manufacturers was forgetting them another way to impact the users (and potential consumers of our product) is by “new”, with what day after day we are left with the feeling of not getting anything new.

has not yet been a month of IFA in Berlin and yet we are still the hangover of a junk rather curious that there could be . It took a long time talking and what could be a eInk screen mobile (electronic ink) and it seems that finally the company has encouraged prepare a prototype with ARM core and the world’s most famous screen eBook so it can be seen (and fondled) mercilessly.

As you can see in the video, nothing we can not wait for such technology. Visibility is surprisingly good outdoors , the weakest point precisely backlit displays (although the video say it is next door SuperAMOLED with maximum brightness and that’s simply not true, because although visibility is reduced outside, who endorses the use in Madrid at noon in summer and can use the phone without problems) although the frame rate is resents pretty , but it seems that I have supplied the prototype adapting some Android interface to be used comfortably without too many unnecessary screen changes.

However, sacrificing the detail, this device has several strengths, and many, such as lightness (only 70 g) or autonomy (up to 1 month according eInk, although that would last a week or week and a half and would be significantly more durable than the competition, so even with inflated figures, the previous analysis for optimism) and the extraordinary resistance of this type of display, ranging from flexible plastic coated , which makes them much more durable than we see routinely in the rest.

 androideink You may think that the same day we spoke of the Super LCD 3 has introduced HTC with its amazing 440 dpi this is something that half and half, but note that there is a segment of audience that these things might interest you very . Think for a moment about the people who use only mobile social networking, email, messaging and calls, what exactly need better refresh? Why sacrifices are battery, durability, size and price on something that will not take advantage? What’s more, they also improve existing features like the ability to read eBooks on the device, so you can even win something that previously did not have.

Actually, I’m excited to see what can give him this at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, ​​to see whether or not electronic ink writes a new page in the history of mobile telephony.

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An android phone with e-ink screen, a month of autonomy and weight 70 gr
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October 17, 2012

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