An interior to ‘Pengate’ look, this is what happens inside the Note 5 as we introduce the S-Pen backwards

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“Pengate” is already a hot topic in the world of mobile devices, and unfortunately for Samsung this time he has had to suffer in the flesh un clear design error in their new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 .

Samsung has forgotten the so-called “idiot-proof design” with An S-Pen which can damage the smartphone if we introduce it upside down , which is possible given the flat design of the stylus and the bay to house, and Samsung itself foresaw alertando it the user manual.

There have been no criticism nor expect official statements about it, but the truth is that so far no one had proposed to open the device to explain What really when we put the S-Pen backwards, perhaps because su Openness is not a very simple process .

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Anyway, the guys at 9to5Google We bring us the images that we all wanted to see, with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 removed and the problem of the S-Pen , as you can see has been introduced in the opposite direction.

The first Part of the explanation lies in the two tabs Note 5 includes the stylus to fix : the first is placed at mid-height and has a small lever to detect whether the S-Pen is in or out, while the second is placed on top and fixed pencil when fully inside.

Screen Shot 2015 August 25 At May 32 15 pm Notch the S-Pen to secure it to the upper flange
Screen Shot 25 August 2015 At 10 pm May 34 S-Pen inserted upside down showing contact with the upper flange

However, not seem to be causing this upper flange of the most serious problems, because although obviously there is contact to put the stylus Reverse indicated that is not complicated to pull the pen gently to avoid fixing this first tab without breaking it.

The problems come with the other tab, which is positioned as you see in the pictures on the part half of the plate of the device, and has a kind of lever or selector that moves when we get or we put the S-Pen, and that seems to be the part that breaks.

Screen Shot 25 August 2015 At May 6, 39 Pm

When we introduce the S-Pen upside down, move the selector up -this is painted in red on the image on the right, rotors as it is, and try to remove the pencil get stuck against the small lever .

Forcibly pulling the tab is broken, and to be integrated into the motherboard repair is not possible without replacing it, hence the device ceases to detect if the S-Pen is on or off and hence also that Samsung refuses to repair the device in warranty.

 Screen Shot At 25 August 2015 2 June 45 Pm plate with the S-Pen detector broken

Surely a subject that will continue bringing tail, but it is difficult to solve at least for the Galaxy Note 5, and made . We’ll see if Samsung strives to find a solution for new stocks of the terminal to be manufactured from now on, or if instead it follows shielding in the misuse and the manual clearly shows the right way to enter the stylus in the device

In Engadget Android |. Samsung responds to the “problem” not reversible stylus Galaxy Note 5

News A inside the ‘Pengate’ look, this is what happens inside the Note 5 as we introduce the S-Pen upside down was originally published in Engadget Android by Damian Garcia .

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An interior to ‘Pengate’ look, this is what happens inside the Note 5 as we introduce the S-Pen backwards
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August 27, 2015

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