Analog photography problems we long face

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The analog photography was characterized by a series of difficulties, despite us a little more difficult life, miss.

Although it seems a kind of cognitive dissonance, there are problems that end up acquiring a certain charm. Rewind cassettes with Bic pen , the sound of the phone line modem to connect to the Internet or simply that music in charge of welcoming us to Windows XP . Over time, the balance between love and hate has opted into the first feeling, something we can also see the .

Probably there were many photographers who lived through the chemical step in full swing and in the meantime also cursed the limitations of their cameras. But like a distant love it were, over the years they have awakened some nostalgia for those problems that caused the break. Perhaps the error was us. Perhaps we failed to adapt to the difficulties. Or maybe we not value enough virtues. The only certainty is that, despite everything, at times weak blooms and can not help but open the drawer, hold it and say: I miss you

It is clear that we now have a much better camera, capable of shooting a burst of almost infinite and focus images at a speed that would not even have imagined. However, as I mentioned in my experience back to analog photography, I understand that for certain reasons some fans decide to return this procedure. What are they?

Pull the lever drag

Credits: James Fitzgerald III

While some cameras automatically collected and reel after each shot, pull the lever drag after every shot became A ritual loved by many . That was the gesture that put an end to a photo. Although the image would find engraved on the negative, it was not until desplazábamos reel when we had the camera ready to shoot again.

The driving lever was also the protagonist of other problems, and it was not surprising that at some point he would tarry this stuck . It was then that, just as happens with the hood of a car, we would have the camera to see what we could do about it.

limited Shooting

Devices such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III have a burst mode capable reaching six pictures per second. For a moment, we feel we have a machine gun instead of a camera-not so, fortunately for humanity. What is the problem with this? the confidence to repeat that shot leads to shoot shamelessly . That is the reason why many continue to defend analogue photography.

According to the most ardent fans, have limited reel with thirty-six pictures caused the moment to capture an image were more thoughtful. On error, we repeat not only would entail a photograph less, but also a Extra spending money with an error that could have been avoided. In the end it all depends on how the photographer and conceived ritual that leads you to take a picture, but think every shot in the analog era was almost an obligation.


Credit: James Fitzgerald III

grain of analog photography is what we can now call sound . The difference is that in the digital image is produced with electronic pulses while the chemical is the result of a different type of film emulsion. Thus, the results between the two are different.

Use high ISO it is something we should avoid, but was not the case with the film. Depending on the sensitivity of a film grain generated image would differently, an effect that sometimes was wanted by photographers .

On the other hand, we were also required to end a spool before using other sensitivity, would solve a problem that now rapidly changing that setting in the menu.

can not see the photo

Bartosz Budrewicz | Shutterstock

Maybe the problem that we miss most. Check a photo is almost synonymous with having to repeat to rectify some respect. And yes, it provides many facilities, but also disadvantages. Now we have emotion to see what kind of image we captured or if it appears that at the end and as we wanted. Go to collect the revealed negative is like opening a Christmas , you do not know what there is and even if you like

Analog photography problems we long face

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