Analysis of Project CARS: racing simulator needed

Project CARS

Project Cars is one of the most ambitious for its approach and its staging games. It is, in short, a racing simulator at the height of the largest in the genre that will delight all fans of motor.A any fan of racing games sound them Slightly Mad Studios name, not just by your trip with EA for the development of Need for Speed ​​Shift and its sequel, but the hype that once held up the development of the game at hand now. Project Cars is not just the name of this new simulation racing and speed, is also the acronym for Project Community Assisted Racing Simulator, ie racing simulator assisted by the community, and perhaps the greatest achievement and pride of World of Mass Development .

Project Cars came as a simulator (not an arcade racing) car financed by the community and its desarrollodares, and by involving players worldwide in game development. Three years have passed since the first version pre-alpha ; three years in which the game has become the best racing simulator all available in the new generation.

And that is why Project Cars, racing simulator unfit for lovers of pure arcade , then find this title an added difficulty, many of realism and online that, although not the best, rises up above the peak and forces us to have designed each strategy in advance, to know our car and, above all, the track you are going to run.

There’s nothing here to unlock, no money to improve the car or buy accessories. Everything is unlocked from the start for us to do what we like: lead. As a large open wide for us to catch what we want and we run around the circuit that we like dealer. From the beginning, without cheating and without magic tricks, all packaged in realism, simulation and care for amazing detail.

Perhaps because comes after the fiasco of Driveclub and a few months of release Forza 6 has generated so much buzz these days, but the truth is that the game deserves. We will not say it is the best car game that you can play, but today is the best of all available in this new generation of consoles. Project Cars is not Driveclub or Forza. And the best part is that neither intended. Perhaps the best experience that Project Cars enjoy it with a PC with a height and peripherals that do justice to this level simulator. We have tested the version for consoles (specifically PS4) and despite being short in many respects, certainly not apparently reached a good level PC accompanied by a wheel. This does not mean that playing on consoles is an unpleasant experience since the game, both playable level and graphics (and leaving out some kinks), it is very good.

However, despite which as I said earlier Project Cars is intended as a simulator, all type of player is going to feel terribly comfortable with the game . Most options that increase the difficulty of the game can be changed to suit the player, such as the level of AI, but also can activate or deactivate the driving aids and remove all interface elements. One of lime and sand. All at once or a little at all times. All are designed to make you feel comfortable player when driving a car.

 Project CARS 5

Personally I could advance the story mode ( ranging from the first competitions Karts to Formula 1, leaving choose from that level of competition we want to start) with relative ease even increased the level of difficulty by default. In this case, the story or the online mode Project Cars have nothing to do with filling a car garage that we will not use, get ten thousand points and as many parts to improve the car or have the quickest car: the Slightly Mad Studios approach is so clear that is a great pleasure to know what we’re going to find anything to put the game on the console , and is an element, especially the history section, reminiscent irretrievably old jewelry as TOCA Race Driver Codemaster.

The AI ​​of the game is incredibly realistic, getting into trouble with the more experienced drivers The truth is it’s great find a game unpretentious and very good approach as Project Cars. AI, especially in the story mode or free offline is not that put you in many trouble at lower levels, but the fact is that the difficulty set to a good standard, forces the player to test their skills and it requires a certain skill level . In the game we can adjust everything from stroke lengths or number of stops and configurations car or adjust the tire change, to the setting, the guidance system and internal settings car or damage suffered by them in the race.

Therefore, it is not the killer Driveclub Forza or who have not been led to believe it is. Removing the main details that might make us think that we are facing the same type of game, the Project Cars things a little more serious get. Touch a competitor in the race or brushing the edge of the track layout ensures output that may cost us dearly; a curve too hurry and you’re out. This is where the system of training and optional qualifiers enters each competition, which lasts can range from 5 min per race until 90 minutes for each of these pre-race testing, takes on the sense and feels like a mandatory section.

Project CARS 6

 Project Cars 23

With all this I mean that realism in the sensations that transmits the game is very well managed, and immersion, therefore it’s great. For example, when creating an online career or enter an existing can force opponents (and ourselves) to use the camera inside the car, use the real system repairs and wear, force change completely eliminating manual and driving aids . If to this we add abundant rainfall, the result is that the most novice driver will be impossible to finish a lap. Realism yet.

In this regard, although the multiplayer meets expectations, we wish also to take enormously story mode, in which our opponents no longer IA to be real players . This would add an added realism to the competitive part of it and also increase the flexibility now that the local cooperative is a utopia in the new generation of consoles. Wishlist leaving this aside, the multiplayer is correct, it works like it should work and removing a couple of late as usual connections and momentary lag, little more than comment. One way in which each of the sections are sufficient to take a quick race, because it is the only pretext of online Project Cars.

But for those less accustomed to realism, Project Cars also offers us opposite: a simple walk without difficulty by the story mode or free mode. The contrasts between the two ways of understanding the game put in context some of the same approach as racing simulator. Logically this effort put into the different aspects of career also has its contrast to assume stay out in the balance of this ambitious plan: The list of cars is relatively small , but sufficient for many, and slows a bit This section so realistic. These are minor issues that often fall outside the requirements of title all this, although I must say of themselves greatly under the Italian Prancing Horse . However, the level of detail of the circuits is staggering, and the list of different available is up to its technical side. The truth is that the sets are so well established greatly increases the immersion and if further radio control boxes sounds by simulating a real radio, little more can we ask for.

project cars34

 Project Cars 21

 Project Cars 19 Regarding the graphics, let’s say do not jump into view. Slightly Mad has done a good job, with a special focus on the details of the vehicles and with regard to the modes of camera inside the car. Licensed vehicles are rich in details of the actual models , and those who are not sufficiently detailed as to not go unnoticed. In addition, climate change and light reflections are also very well done, so no objections in this section.

Of course, Project Cars, like its development, has not had a release as polished as expected. There are few mistakes that even day-zero patch has ignored. The physical characteristics of many of the videos we’ve seen these months ago seem to have gone forever in PS4 version and some drops of frame rates (unforgivable in a game where every second counts) tarnish a set that is almost outstanding. We hope the developers solve these minor problems in the short term.

Project Cars 2343

Another problem that has greatly bothered me was certainly bugs in the control system and career assistance. There are few occasions when the control (control PS4) is erratic and re removed from the track even in a straight line with a simple touch, or those that launched the outing makes your car snaps into some circuit element, forcing restart the race from the start . The fonts of some menus on the other hand are some extremely small occasions and very difficult to read, but not be a problem for most.

Best of all is that all these small errors are easily correctable by the people of Slightly Mad and we are confident that in the next update of the game are very different things, something like what they have done with Driveclub, which since its launch seems another game. Few tweaks here and improved control by and Project Cars can become the best car game in recent years because, for now, in realism, performance and proposal already is. Cars 8.5Project is not a perfect simulator, but round. Mime in the detail of each of its sections and possibilities for car lovers make it a highly recommendable game . It is greatly appreciated all this unlocked from the start so that the player has to just sit and enjoy. Vehicles, circuits and customizing them is studied to the millimeter, increased the chances of the pilot in us.

Although it is not thought of as a game for all ages balance between realism and customization make A great game that should be on the shelves of all players . It is, in short, the simulator we expected for this new generation of consolas.- Realism in the racing simulation. – Modeling, control and sound effects. – Variety of types of competitions in offline and physical online.- Some have disappeared in the final version. – Falls frame rates on some specific points. – They miss many legendary cars and some licenses


Analysis of Project CARS: racing simulator needed
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May 12, 2015

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