Analysis of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition comes to Xbox One as one of the most ambitious and interesting projects from the previous generation to return to test players with zombie apocalypse simulator in which survival is our greatest asset and our greatest pain cabeza.El most ambitious game Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios, coming to Xbox 360 and PC a couple of years ago, lands now in the new generation of Microsoft with an equal proposal ambitious, large and even with the same feelings, but loaded with extras. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is, essentially, the same game in 2013 accompanied by the two DLCs that later came in downloadable format, reduced price. In short:. The same title zombie apocalypse survival in a sandbox , despite all the small changes that include

The interesting thing about the proposed State of Decay YOSE is that still as fresh in this pack semi-remastered 1080p in 2013: a sandbox in which we can control almost all the characters we know and where the game moves on without us, even when the console is off .

Maybe an interesting approach given the magnitude of the game and the map, and tendendencia that regardless of the character you’re using the game, you become the official messenger of Trumbull Valley, the game still find As overwhelming that two years ago, which highlights the dimension of the proposed Undead Labs and the level of game development

State of Decay:. Year -One Survival Edition remains the same and ambitious game at launch but with his two DLCs: Breakdown and Lifeline. A great for those who did not have the opportunity to play them in the anterior / PC generation with expansion pack and glorious 1080p, which makes it a very interesting opportunity nuanced game.

The Planetarium State of Decay is simple but attractive: a valley where a zombie apocalypse where you have to survive as we can be triggered. Perhaps this simple approach gives way to a lot of missions, actions and elements make this game one of the best simulators for survival, at least the science I ficción.Lo first thing to say about State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is essentially still a game 2013 . He has been remastered in 1080p, improved some textures and animations, view and packaged DLCs in the same game, but the truth is that we expected something else facing the remastering of the hand of Undead Labs. The game engine remains CryEngine 3, Crytek and generally many of the mechanics of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition remain exactly the same. You feel the change in the resolution of the game, but the truth is that is very noticeable over time. The textures, improved but poor for the Xbox One, and lighting, accompanied by a warm color palette too, they throw up more years than he has. However, all glorious 1080p makes the game look more favorably.

State of Decay still a game at the height of the great titles of the generation Leaving aside this small but Regarding graphics, it certainly will not be a problem for most players, the universe of State of Decay still great . I remember when I played it on PC on more than one occasion kept the mouth open with the extent of actions and content within the game, and the truth is that to do so again now on Xbox One sensations have returned to the same, which says a lot in a good way game Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios.

Still a big, ambitious and extremely realistic in its universe project, something that makes it suitable for all types of Players who likes simulators for survival, so fashionable in recent years. The mixture simulator, strategy and RPG’s precisely what overwhelmed and amazed State of Decay , which together with the size of the map and activities, both primary and secondary, as well as mandatory to ensure our survival, secure hundreds of hours of gameplay. In essence, if we play our cards and manage resources, you can become a game that lasts literally what the player wants.

 State of Decay 4

State of Decay 3

However, in this context one of the main benefits of the mixture between a sandbox RPG is tinged all actions performed within the context of the game have an impact on total , so that if one of the players who control dies (remember that we can handle almost any surviving long as our characters have the necessary influence), dies of truth, it may be able to revive it later.

A title that survival is our greatest asset and biggest nightmare This is especially interesting when you consider that each of the characters has unique abilities that will be very helpful for you as activity within the game. Therefore, one of the fundamental parts of the game is that we play our cards right when administering the skills of our characters , our equipment, weapons and ammunition, and especially our resource base and survivors. Absolutely everything has an impact on the game, and whatever we leave to chance can be fatal at the time where we need it most, such as building materials, kits or appetizers.

At this point my absolute recommendation is that however much encariñemos us with a character so let rest and rotemos among others, because if you die in the game, with the system of permanent death, we may find ourselves in situations where the rest of the characters are in very basic level and we are unable to fulfill a mission.

 State of Decay 1

State of Decay 2

With this clear, and understanding the context of the game that is based on the strictest survival, one of the benefits of State of Decay is that, despite being one zombie game , the best strategy if we want to advance in the game is to dodge the zombies and avoid at all costs confrontation with enemies. Therefore, vehicles, also have introduced new models this year, is one of the great allies of the game; is e l ideal for covering large distances as great as that of Trumbull Valley map, especially early to go to the church to court, for example environment.

That Yes, again the realism of the game greatly limits the useful life of vehicles and their number and arrangement, so it is a precious commodity that we must care for and watch the game at all times. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is a game of strategy, organization of resources and survival , so we have to play our cards well and think our steps before getting into a situation we can not get out. Any action in the game is irreversible. Find resources still works the same way. Observation tower, look around, we identify buildings and cautious look all that you have inside if we want to survive

Once we understand about the game system and its difficulty, which is almost exponential in the case of DLCs, people of Undead Labs designed to play a combat system and fairly simple control that allows us out of any situation, which incidentally remains intact. Nothing difficult systems control, in this case all fairly simple, which is greatly appreciated especially for players who venture into this type of game for the first time. different thing is the system of RPG and levels of game characters , which given the amount of accessories, systems and upgrades to the bases, and entries and displays in the daily still quite complex in the early hours of game even to change the interface in this version, so my recommendation is to familiarize all you can with the interface and options available for each character.

One of the most anticipated titles for Xbox One since its announcement At this point, weapons and inventory is roughly similar in shape and uses, including accessories and weapons new people special editions. There are weapons and tools that are more powerful and have greater durability , but the average enemy of the game will not put any resistance regardless of the weapon we use to deal with it. However if there are some types of stronger enemies who need more firepower, even in the early missions of the game, so it is important to have a good arsenal available within the base.

Y clear eye with firearms: make noise and attract enemies, but we can manufacture silencers at the base easily and quickly. All inventory items Game influential work , which is the currency of State of Decay. Depending on the missions and actions have more or less influence and can real weapons, accessories, improve the base … so it is ideal to collect all weapons although not need them and keep in the arsenal of the base to get more influence.

State of Decay 5

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is a game very complicated but almost infinite. If we play to speed-run can spend the main campaign in about 10 hours depending on our ability, resources and way of approaching the missions. The dlSC, Breakdown and Lifeline also include a few hours of additional gameplay and new scenarios, especially with Danforth in Lifeline, but the truth is that this version still sins of the same problems that the 360: urban spaces that attract much attention but we can not wait to be crowded with zombies (red area of ​​the map), a small snack in the form of downloadable content included in the same game that can serve to extend our stay in the zombie apocalypse.

8The game Undead Labs remains as complex and ambitious than two years ago. However, despite the improvements in animations, textures, drawn, field of view and resolution remains a game that feels old, but the fact is that this is no impediment to say that this is a great title with all the letters , which also comes with its DLCs to give the opportunity to all types of player to face a game of strategy and survival sandbox type for a very low price digital version.

It has flaws, of course, and many of the players of the Xbox 360 and PC will not find sufficient reasons to return to play beyond the small graphical tweaks and new missions search box and DLCs included in this release Year-One Survival Edition, but definitely u n ideal place in survival games that are so fashionable lately title.

State GIF – Survival and difficulty of the game remain intact. – Scope of the map, a variety of environments and enemies. – New quests and including DLCs in the same box . – The enemy AI is very good , and puts us in trouble on more than one occasion. – The variety of playable characters. – The price including all content adicional.- The graphic remains very poor for the new generation . – The learning curve is high, which limits the game to some players. – The combat system is simple but sometimes imprecise


Analysis of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition
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April 22, 2015

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