Analysis Pokémon: Black and White 2 – Grab all 3DS also

There must be many people who may not have heard of Pokémon. What started as a video game for Gameboy was expanding to become a social phenomenon among children, with TV series, movies, card games, CO mics and marketing of all kinds. For two years (since the release of Pokémon Black and White) that came to the market a pure RPG Pokémon (ie as the classic franchise titles) , had released games like Pokémon or Pokémon Typing Adventure Conquest, but they presented different game mechanics to the classic “Take all”.

In early summer Nintendo finally met fans waiting as rain in May the first Pokémon RPG for Nintendo 3DS : Pokémon Black and White 2 . While squeezing the most of a Pokemon game is practically impossible (to capture hundreds of them, each with its developments and a high ceiling levels, countless combinations and possible strategies …), we have spent a days intensively to bring you a brief review of what the game offers. And we warned that much. The reader who has already played previous installments will not surprise you, but for those who do not know much about the franchise (or for parents of young gamers that we are reading): Divest from prejudice. Pokémon is a great game.

Those not familiar with the franchise may be surprised, but it’s true: Pokémon games hide under a childlike appearance enormous depth, a durable and extremely replayable proposal ensures a long life for the product. This Black and White 2, it is true, is great for kids. The story is as innocent (a child ninoo leaving the world to complete a Pokédex, or encyclopedia, in a journey of learning that serves almost initiatory ritual). As much as I talk about “struggle between pokémon” violence simply does not exist: at no time is any blow, and lose all your health in combat pokémon simply “weakens”. Besides all that, the kid who plays to be training Pokémon powers inadvertently as important as memory (the world of the game at this point is full of details and has its own mythology; Not to mention the hundreds of Pokémon, each with their own powers and characteristics), decision making, strategic thinking and planning …

If a parent is reading us right now: Pokémon Black and White 2 is a highly recommended purchase for little kids. Apart from the above, the game encourages some interesting values ​​for any child: the will to succeed, the ability to be self-sufficient, healthy competitiveness no “hard feelings” and loyalty toward loved ones. But something is good for children mean it’s not just for kids. Any adult can also enjoy Pokemon (even if you are very shy, and guilty pleasure). Probably plays differently and find different values, and appreciate the tremendous depth of the game, the number of options offered to its candor and to address some issues. Both children and older is welcome to the possibility of choosing a female protagonist (although pinks topics become ubiquitous if we take that option).

This edition offers more things Pokémon addition to touring the world trying to capture all existing pokémon to complete our Pokédex, as the possibility of becoming a movie star the equivalent of Hollywood in the Pokémon world, a fun minigame that, besides being quite addictive, will help us better understand the properties and weaknesses of many Pokemon. We will not get much more detail in order not to spoil the surprise, the issue is that the game is not just move forward and build pokémon compulsively like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. In addition to this we occasionally offer sidequests mainly collect objects, and also s tenemo multiplayer both local network through the Internet, and either to compete against our friends pokémon or to exchange.

Only you can point a black point in this first Pokémon 3DS: not take at all the technical capabilities of the machine. The game basically offers same as in DS technician. While at the game design is still a genius (admittedly pokémon are adorable , each and every one of them), the section has been left simply technological aside. Neither the graphics nor sound Estana the height of what the 3DS could give of himself, of course, no longer a topic anecdotal (not a game where the graphics play a role), but perhaps it is the dot over missing to be quite round. Moreover, without a doubt is a highly recommended product and a perfect buy for little kids.

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In conclusion

With the amount of hours of gameplay (and conversacióny debate in the playground) that can give this Pokemon Black and White 2, it is clear that every penny spent on the cartridge is a good Inversió n.

Best : how much stuff there is to do, how addictive it is.

worst : a step forward in technology would be appreciated.

like if … : I like games that spend hundreds of hours.

will not like if … : you play titles only “serious” and “adults”.

Analysis Pokémon: Black and White 2 – Grab all 3DS also
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