And now Pepephone also make noise in digital banking

And now Pepephone also make noise in digital banking

  • PepePhone, which is examining the options, announced that will start operating in the sector of digital banking in the coming months.
  • for now, they are testing the market to define the best strategy.

PepePhone knows no boundaries and has taken another twist to their service offerings. With its peculiar system of alternative business, the company of discrete red spots is entering all those sectors that cause animosity among users. First there was the telephone, then in 2015 reach energy. Today reach the financial sector .

The strategy is not defined, but it aims to create a single payments system According to the ads only issued to shareholders, the idea is to create a digital banking . Although this is not a novelty in itself, since it has already been tried by PepePhone in 2013 and has not been until now when they have been able to enforce the idea. The high economic costs of creating a digital banking and high administrative barriers have delayed almost three years the project Serrahima Pedro, the founder.

Neither the name of the new subsidiary PepePhone, among which shuffled Pepebank or Pepepay , or the final business model are determined. We do not know each other and compete with LaCaixa Imaginbank, your bank to millennials, or if they only try to improve virtual payments, in line with PayPal. What is certain, and as confirmed by the founder of the company Vozpopuli, the target is together all those customers who just want to do simple operations through a mobile phone or a card. They are big business for big banks, but in the field of small customers where you can find your niche . For now, the indications of the low cost carrier suggests that want to study the market situation for be well placed in the area in the not too distant future . They know that the financial business is changing, with a turn almost 180 degrees Fintech industry, so enter now would be the smart thing.

They do not reject the presence of large banks behind their service by question structural they would do without them but, again, are working to let your customers know where every penny spent is in the committees. As it happens in your phone bills and energy customers future electronic payments will be benefited by the low fees, because after all, from PepePhone are “doing things like normal people” .

Meanwhile, the company, which only has twenty employees and sixty million turnover, is gaining customers in all areas it touches. So that their entry into the banking sector could be a positive step in the process of finding new shareholders to the company.


And now Pepephone also make noise in digital banking
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February 9, 2016

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