Android 13 messages that should worry

messages that should worry

The Android operating system through its messages and notifications always tries to keep us informed of all risks and known issues that may suffer with daily use of our mobile devices so that we can correct time to continue enjoying the proper operation and not lead scares in the bill.

There are many cautions and warnings that we see in our most important Android, and many do not pay attention they deserve when we see them. That is why then we will see Android messages that should worry more and pay more attention




We start with the message more should be concerned if you jump us, is the most serious. The message of checker applications that tells us that we have a malicious application installed is. There are two types of message, one that informs us that a malicious application, and another message that we recommend uninstalling the application that might be malicious is automatically deleted.

SMS Premium

Sms Premium

Another very important message is when an application wants to send a Premium SMS . The operating system will warn us of this so we know that application because the number you want to send an SMS Premium if that message is being sent to rip us without our consent.

Little space

Little Space

When our Android device will We memory is low this notice appears. It informs us that some system functions may not work properly, which also affects applications, which is practically mandatory nothing more to see that message liberar . space for everything to work well

Memory full message

Tray SMS Full

If we receive that message is or because we have little space on your device or because the inbox of SMS is full. If it is because we have little storage just have to free space , however, if no space problem and we will touch delete SMS old .

No network

Message Red

When a problem our mobile fails to connect to the network of our operator will see this notification. By clicking on it and we can try to manually connect to our operator. If it still gives error, can restart the phone, and if it persists wait a bit to see if network failure and the minutes and connects alone.


Data Roaming

When we travel to another country there we have to be very careful with the Data roaming on. If it is enabled we need to know what are the rates of our operator in that country to not take fright with the bill. If you do not want data abroad is best to have it disabled.

Notice usage data

Warning Usage Data

This notice only appears we have set your notice that us we report that we have passed certain amount in using data . This notice will help us to know that we are about to reach the limit of our data rate and we were charged excess or already sail with limited speed.

Mobile data off

Data Mobile Deactivated

If in our data rate we charge too much we can establecer limit our device and stop having Internet connection. Once I reached the limit we get a message that will tell us that the messages have been disabled .

Unknown sources

Origin Unknown

When security settings we allow our Android install applications from unknown sources, ie from outside the Play Store, we must bear in mind that we have enabled that option, since our device and personal data are more vulnerable because it is easier than error can install a malicious application.

Download large application

Download Wifi

If you download a large application via Google Play must always look to the Wi-Fi option is enabled so that we are not case then our data plan. By default usually comes on but is not always better ensure that even mistakenly desmarquemos day.



See list of permissions when it is installed a very important application. Although Google Play and approves the applications it never hurts to check the permissions you want to use an application and game to see if they are reasonable or not. If for example a simple flashlight application wants to access your contacts better not install it and find another alternative.

System Update

Message Update

It is always good that our Android device notifies you upgrade to a new version, but that message at a time to rejoice also has to worry, because sometimes after upgrading can see how our Android device no longer works so well. In many cases small bugs are fixed restoring factory



If you look for a standard on any of these messages during boot is because something is wrong and does not load the ROM . Those icons are of Recovery. If it happens that and mobile did not get off after several attempts it is because there is something corrupt in the operating system and we can try to solve and manually entering bootloader make a WIPE from the Recovery

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Android 13 messages that should worry
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April 26, 2015

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