Android 4.4.3 KitKat: look at all their news

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After a while leaving clues, KitKat Android 4.4.3 is already among us. same day before yesterday, late at night (in Spain), Google publishing pictures for Nexus devices and a few hours and begin to unfold after the first OTA’s, as we have seen in the case of tablet Nexus 7 2013 first time and Nexus 5 , Motorola and GE later.

However, we still have no official announcement from Google and the only words that are mentioned in the official message is that the OTA Android 4.4.3 brings performance enhancements, stability and Troubleshooting.

We knew as minimum hop numbering not bring profound changes, but it would be rather small adjustments under bugs and generally a bit more polish system and try to solve the various problems they had experienced users in all this time.

If you have a lot of free time and desire to read, you can check out the more than 70,000 lines containing this change log , but certainly do not want and most things mentioned here are not of interest to the user end. Therefore we will be gathering here major developments and arrangements that Google has made Android 4.4.3 KitKat.

Dialer with renewed design

Featured ago few weeks as capture s and could see them quite Phone application changed. Many thought a novelty and would not be present in 4.4.3, but finally been confirmed.


The new Dialer presents a more visual design, where contacts are shown with larger thumbnails (should be accorded to it photos) or the first letter of his name, GMail style. A marked blue tone is now the predominant color on the bars in both the App and the scoreboard as the area’s history have received cosmetic changes.

Troubleshooting and bugs

This category is very broad , covers dozens of bugs that have been present since the arrival of Android KitKat and maybe you do not you’ve been affected by it but other users with certain other terminals. Fixed sudden loss of connection of data, returning automatically within a few seconds but it was very annoying.

 nexus-android 4.4.3-5

The name crazy consumption the House as the Nexus Terminal 5 (mm-qcamera-daemon) seems to have settled, at least in part, because as we read on some forums like XDA sufriéndolo continue. What has improved and is much performance Google Launcher , now rather more fluid.

Referring to the camera, has improved both the speed of approach processing of the images, resulting in HDR mode and annoying sounds that occurred on some devices such as N5.

system Bluetooth connectivity had multiple bugs that have been fixed and some wakelocks consuming too much battery. Misses like random reboots or the disappearance of desktop shortcuts without apparent cause have also been revised.

send content to display android

Computer disconnects WiFi networks and should be resolved in Android 4.4.3 and given an overview of the entire set of MMS , email, Exchange, Calendar, Contacts and Dialer App VPN IPv6, fault notification LED’s, arranged in random screens and freezes.

In general, this does not does more than improve the set, helping to provide a better user experience. Some words, menus and texts have been slightly varied and better translated animations such as screen capture is different and generally note that the system goes like lightning.

Hopefully do not take too long to officially reach all Nexus and above all, that the other manufacturers of phones and tablets will encourage update your devices. Otherwise, next month we will see another report on the Android version without sparse distribution arises.

Luckily we always have brands that care about their users, such as Motorola has announced the deployment of the upgrade to 4.4.3 for Moto X, G Moto, Moto small E . Soon everyone should follow. Do you already You have Android 4.4.3? What do you think of this minor update as a starter for the Google I / O

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Android 4.4.3 KitKat: look at all their news
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June 4, 2014

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