Android did not copy to iOS. A senior executive at Android Samsung defends against Apple


It will always be that war between Android and iOS, the two most popular operating systems of the time. This war started when Android market began to snatch Apple. Nobody wants to take away money and so today there is the battle between Samsung and Apple, the two leading manufacturers in each operating system.

The argument I’ve seen against most Android has been that it is a “cheap copy” of iOS. As a senior executive of Google Android testified that seemed not copy the iPhone when developing Android. This person is renowned Hiroshi Lockheimer Android, the Android development VP.

Few people working hard. That was Android

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We like to have our own identity “, told the court Lockheimer Apple against Samsung. But not only uttered these words, but showed a video of the beginning Android back in 2006, when shortly after teamed with Google. According Lockheimer words at the beginning of the development of this software, were no more than 20 or 30 people . Furthermore, when the first Android handset launched in 2008, that HTC Dream with physical keyboard we’ve all heard, there were only 70 people working in Android . “ Very intentionally, we kept a small team ” Lockheimer said.

The way Android has not been roses, but at its inception in 2006, every one of the developers behind the green android worked hard to bring as far as possible this operating system. And go where you have been. Lockheimer I also told the trial: “They were very grueling hours . We work very hard “.

of Google’s forced to mount touchscreens

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One of the things that was said in that judgment is something that surely will surprise you. When I thought about Google launch a terminal with Android, is said not take a screen touch , but would have a terminal handled only by physical keys. Something subsequently shelved by the evolution of technology and the requirements of users. Just see that the HTC Dream features a touchscreen plus a keyboard and physical front buttons.

Another thing that was defended Lockheimer background synchronization , claiming it was one of the first functions they had in mind to incorporate Android.

The lawsuit also spoke of the early iOS and Greg Christie, the designer of Apple soon retiring, defended the apple company, also talking about the famous “Slide-to-unlock”, one of the most prized Apple patents. That patent was one of five of those accused Samsung of infringing.

This Samsung battle lost, but the war continues

We all know that trial ended with the Samsung punishment 2 billion to Apple for infringing these five patents. Still, we all know the application layer Samsung introduces its terminals and in some cases are far from pure Android.

In my opinion I think they are two very complete and manageable operating systems. I like both Android and iOS and I do not think either of them are copied from each other, are simply functions that the user of an operating system they want another

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Android did not copy to iOS. A senior executive at Android Samsung defends against Apple
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April 13, 2014

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