Android finally M incorporates a dark theme for the interface

Dark Android M

The Google I / O 2015 has served as a springboard for Android M, new version of the system Operating and dispone Developer Preview your to some Nexus devices.

Google has told us casi all developments, while leaving in the ink implement improvements and some details that we will know as developers begin to test the new version of Android


The first of these developments is sure to please many users, and that Google has finally implemented a dark theme in the Android interface M , which already can see in Catches taken a Nexus 5 and even video.

Many did not like the look of a very bright white background Lollipop Android, and tried to change it with other launchers or ROMs cooked. From now on there will no longer spin or follow complicated manuals and can be configured from the Settings dark matter directly.

In addition, it is an improvement that greatly appeal to smartphone users AMOLED display, energy savings amounting to aesthetics can keep more pixels off longer.

We assume that in a final version of Android M this configuration is placed more visible, but of time is hidden in the menu developers with an “automatic” selector that will surely change between modes by light, downtime or other variables.

In Engadget Android | Android M, all the details of the new version of Android
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Android finally M incorporates a dark theme for the interface
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May 29, 2015

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