Android in Car: Present and Future

Android in Car: Present and Future

We all wish that everything is connected, home, computer, mobile, tablet, camera photo, the car, the glasses ......

We all wish that everything is connected, home, computer, mobile, tablet, camera photo, the car, the glasses … This utopia of connections is becoming increasingly close to reality, we told you about a while auntónomos cars Google, for Renault, implatará Android on-board computers, well, rather, a kind of fork Android based applications.


This is called the tablet that will bring new electric Clios and ZOE, the interface of this tablet will personlizable as any Android, though, as I said, is not Android is based android, therefore, do not seek nor version of Google Apps (Google Play, Google Maps, Drive …) or anything like that. The device brings an application store, the R-Link Store, where you will find up to 50 applications among which are, E-mail, customers from different social networks and other utilities.

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find, also The menu “vehicle” with all the information about the state of the car: kilometers driven, level and fuel consumption, average speed and current, etc.. As expected, in addition to the above, what brings most modern cars brings into their onboard computers, Handsfree, GPS (TomTom hands), music player and radio among others. Besides all this work using voice, in short, a tablet built. The internet connection will be made by Carminat TomTom LIVE.

Android in cars

If there is anything we have seen for years in science fiction movies like I Robot (for example), is that in the future everything is connected, our car driving alone and everything works with voice control, so far, the thing gets closer to the real world, voice attendees are a reality and as I have said before what of Google’s autonomous cars.

However, although cars ever bring more technology, except the headset, just bring connectivity options with our mobile devices, ie lack synchronization options with our Smartphones or tablets, do not bring internet and although it is true that could decentralize the driver could get a much more complete multimedia experience for all passengers, that’s where Android come.


could synchronize our gallery of photos, music and videos. It would be easier, for example, in the Google Play we bought a movie and we could see our car as well as applications such as music or even social networking clients and news applications, which could be controlled by voice, finally, Android offers a wide range of possibilities for all actions of everyday life, lead can also be added to the list, if there is a breathalyzer for Android of which I spoke a few days ago, it is hard to imagine what could get to invent things like docks for our Smartphone, with total connection with our car, something as a “Carphone” style Padfone.

If we add would be talking about Android at its best, we could use them as travel glasses , with augmented reality applied to maps and not need GPS, and a connection with the car that could tell us a car that is in the dead center of the mirror and this notice appear in our brand new Android glasses.

In short, while this sounds good, we’ll have to wait a few few years until we see “SmartCars”, but to whet your appetite tablets have integrated the new Renault, which is something.

Android on cars, how do you see your future in this regard?


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