Android M, knows what his manager application permissions

Android permissions M

Probably the most important and practical innovation that users will find the next version of Android is the predicted manager application permissions from virtually the Android launch we asked loudly that will be implemented officially to avoid rooting or change the ROM of our devices.

From Android M we can finally manage to permissions can access each of our Applications and offering new level of security and privacy for our data. We can only manage permissions calendar, contacts, camera, microphone, SMS, sensors, telephone and location


Android permissions M

previous version of Android M It allows us to manage application permissions from two places. From “Settings> Applications> Advanced> Permits applications” will access the List of applications that use a particular permission . Instead, his open an application from the list of “Settings> Applications” and we agree to “Permissions” see the permissions list using that application .

In both sections we can turn on and off at will permissions , but keep in mind that if you disable a permit the application will not function properly , showing in most cases an error.

What is not yet implemented is that applications requesting the user to activate a permission to run correctly. Developers have to adapt their applications to the new manager permissions

In Engadget Android |. Así is the new volume control Android M, with muted

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Android M, knows what his manager application permissions
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May 30, 2015

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