Android N coming soon, in summer, but so far has no name

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By surprise, as he likes to do things Google. This has come the announcement of Android N than expected in May durante the Google I / O 2016 , but ultimately did not want to wait to have official while most of us still expect updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Android N is one of the news of the year for us, and although we have caught off guard the truth is that the Android version for this 2016 is already disponible in the form of preview . Moreover, not content with announcing new features like the multiventana expected, but will also be the new annual early-morning release to date


Google does not seem to need too long this time to give a turn to the possibilities of Android, and is that the giant search engine wants advance its strategy updates to help developers to adapt their work to the new version of Android.

yes, moment is only Android Android N N . Neither Nectar, or Nutella, nor any other of the rumored names, much less we can use either Android 7.0 as mentioned, because Google has not announced nomenclature or the version that answer the new release of the operating system.

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Android N madrugará this year, and will do with developments in distribution

in addition to the initial surprises and all information regarding Android N and its new products, we have met gradually more details on the distribution of the new version of Android.

This year, Google will get up very early updates, as Android N in its final version will be available next summer , probably at the end of the season and facing an official update to arrive with the first weeks of autumn.

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Obviously, and as always, the first to enjoy of new developments coming out of the oven Mountain View will be the owners of the Nexus , developing devices Google, which already can enjoy the first Preview .

These preliminary versions are not baladis then present them so far in advance will make other manufacturers and developers more time to prepare for the arrival of Android N . If our current devices will receive before the update is something we do not know, but at least this does limit the excuses they can get.

As if this were not enough, this year Google launched a test program beta called Android beta Program , and that will allow Nexus users can receive regular updates via OTA on preliminary versions of Android N

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Android N coming soon, in summer, but so far has no name
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March 9, 2016

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