Android P Beta 3 allows you to choose a different volume for calls


we Were few and gave birth to Android P Beta 3. One of the rare novelties of the latest beta of Android P is the possibility to choose a specific volume for phone calls. “Comes” and the fourth volume control.

Comes in, between quotation marks, because from a long time ago already it was possible to change the volume of calls, but only during a call. It is now possible to change the volume of calls at any time from the volume control.

Four volumes to five things

Sounds audio Options in Android P Beta 3 (left) and on Android Oreo 8.1 (right)

There is a new volume slider in the zone and his name is call Volume. You can find it in Settings – Sound, with his three brothers. They have taken the opportunity to rearrange their position in the menus slightly.

The volume options in Android are becoming a little complex and can be difficult to keep track of what is what, especially if you come from a layer of Android where you can manage otherwise. In Android 9.0, these are different types of volumes and what they drive:

  • media Volume: controls the volume of the audio in apps, games, videos, music and basically anything that cannot be classified in other categories. In Android P, you control the volume by default when pressing the volume buttons.
  • call Volume: is the volume at which sounds the voice of the other person during a phone call. You know, typical of what someone calls you while you’re on the bus and didn’t hear anything, so you increase the volume without stopping. Already could be adjusted before, but only during a call.
  • ringtone Volume: not to be confused with the previous one, and is the volume at which it sounds the calling tone and the beep of notifications, when you receive new messages. Some layers allow you to choose different volumes of audio for ringtones and notifications, but Android pure share value.
  • alarm Volume: finally, there is the volume of the alarm. This control sets with what power will sound the sound of the alarm. Once more, some layers of Android as the Samsung’s do not have this control (configured from the app’s Clock), but Google has preferred centralizarlo in Android pure.

These are volume settings official Android, but as we have seen, the manufacturers lead time modifying them in their layers. You could, therefore, meet you with notification volume or system volume on your mobile, but Android pure only considers the four cases above.

So, if you want to make sure that you will hear the other person at full volume during a call, you now have a mode of adjusting it in advance. Until you have Android Q, you can continue to have the same result if you use the volume buttons during a call.

In Xataka Android | On Android P the volume buttons control the media volume instead of the ringtone

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Android P Beta 3 allows you to choose a different volume for calls
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July 3, 2018

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