Android P the Developer Preview is already available: so you can download it in your Pixel

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Android Q Developer Preview is now available. This is the new preview version of the next version of the mobile operating system. All the details on this new version will be named during the Google I/O 2018, but the developers may already have a first contact with Android P.

Next to the new version of Android has been released on new Android SDK to take advantage of the new APIS that are going to be introduced. These are some of the novelties that we will find in Android P.

what’s New in Android Q

With each new version of Android we have a whole series of additions to adapt to the latest trends and improve the usability of the device. Here we summarise some of the new features of Android P.

  • Best indoor positioning: With Android P support is added to the platform 802.11 mc WiFi, also known as WiFi RTT. The applications will be able to determine the distance to the WiFi access points and get a precision in interiors much more advanced.

  • Content adapted to screens of different shapes: In the last few months, we have seen that the screen resolution of the Android mobile has changed. We also have the rise of the ‘notch’. With Android P has introduced new APIS that will make it easier for the content to conform to the shape of the screen.

  • Notifications-messaging-enhanced: At Android P adds a new style of reporting, aimed to answer quickly. A slightly modified version of the ‘Smart reply’ that we have already seen in some applications.

Smart Reply

  • Multi-camera API: In this new Android version includes the ability to stream across multiple cameras. With the rise of the dual camera, this API will

Download Android P Developer Preview

Those interested in getting to know the new version of Android Q you can already download it in the latest devices from Google. In particular, the Pixel, Pixel, XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. we Recommend you to install it to those users who know the procedure, because since it was the first preview, we do not have a stable version or designed for the day-to-day.

The method actualizar e install the imaging factory has not changed, although from the program Android Beta we will be able to install it in a simpler way.

In development…

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Android P the Developer Preview is already available: so you can download it in your Pixel
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March 7, 2018

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