Android Paradox reach with two servings of role, action and strategy


Paradox may not be the company’s most important now, but PC has many years covering an important niche, that of turn-based strategy games. The 2012 was particularly good for them, so I have decided to make the leap to more platforms, and Android is not far behind in this case. Before you begin to dream of endless conquests, no, games like Europa Universalis has not come to our devices, but if you make two very interesting titles.

Getting Started , will receive a version of Magicka , an action RPG with multiplayer flag. Magicka: Wizard’s of the Square Tablet is not exactly the same game on PC, but is adapted to the characteristics of the tablets to whom it is directed. The first obvious difference is the graphics , leaving the 3D overhead perspective to switch to the 2D. Thanks to that, the casual style and comical not only not lost, but even more noticeable than in the original game.


Otherwise, seems a pretty faithful port taking into the circumstances, with the possibility of join three friends to kill all levels , including some printing bosses. We’ll have to put together different types of magic to create increasingly powerful spells to stop them.


The second game Paradox has introduced something more original, while more faithful to the history of the company. Leviathan: Warships is a game of turn-based strategy focused on naval combat. There are few games that focus only on warships, as they are often an addition most strategic titles. To increase the importance of the ships, the game is set in a world where three factions fighting for control of the oceans. Therefore, we should not expect real boats, but more futuristic versions with laser weapons.


Best of Leviathan will undoubtedly be the great depth of the game (wink, wink) . We customize our fleet until the last lifeboat, with the ability to add all kinds of weapons and protection, to then take them to the war, either in the campaign or skirmishes. The multiplayer will be very important, because not only can play the campaign cooperative , but we can get into fights in fourteen maps online against players of PC, Mac and iOS.


Both Magicka as Leviathan still have no release date, but we are serious candidates to become references of its kind. Paradox has come to Android, and we can only hope that his success may assume the arrival of strategy games for which he is so famous.

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Android Paradox reach with two servings of role, action and strategy
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February 1, 2013

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