Android Q Beta 2 arrives to the Pixel: bubble chat, directional microphones, and more news

Android Q Beta 2 arrives to the Pixel: bubble chat, directional microphones, and more news

the next version of The Google mobile operating system, Android Q, debuts new preview in the Pixel. In compliance with the calendar of updates, is here already Android Q Beta 2.

The second beta release of Android Q has not been complied with to correct the failures detected in the first version, but Google has taken the opportunity to launch important news.

what’s New

Google reminds us that Android Q Beta 2 is still an early version, so you might be able to find small faults that iran fixing little by little until its official release at the end of this coming summer. is The most important novelties of Android Q Beta 2 are:

  • storage Permit: In Android Q you will end up having to give permission to our storage for a game to finish the installation. Now with Scoped Storage applications and games will have their own sandbox private sandbox) to store data in the storage. The applications and games if you will need to use the storage permit when you want to access our photos, videos or music.

  • Bubble chat: Google active in the second beta of Android Q the bubbles of chat that they were hidden. It is presented as a new way to squeeze the multi-tasking on our mobile devices. Now the developers of messaging applications can support this new way of displaying the new messages. Android Q show all the bubbles grouped, and your window emerge we will be able to chat, send pictures, attach files and much more. In each bubble will appear the contact’s picture and the icon of the messaging service.

  • Microphone inputs: Android Q Beta 2 gives official support to the directional microphones. This means that applications can now use their new API to specify a preferred direction of the microphone to take an audio recording. For example, if you’re taking a selfie, the application uses the microphone in front.

  • device Emulator, folding: Android Q Beta 2 adds support in Android Studio 3.2 Canary to the devices folding. Now the emulator of the Android SDK allows you to simulate the opening and closing device folding to see if the application is well-suited to the two screen sizes.

  • Compatibility across APIs public: lastly, Google only wants developers to only be able to use the APIs public of Android, and that’s why in Android Q Beta 1 began to restrict access to some APIS. Now to minimize the impact alternatives, the list updated in the Android Q Beta 2 with the goal of providing some public APIS alternatives before restricting access.

Update your Pixel to Android Q Beta 2

If you have a Pixel you can upgrade already to Android Q Beta through the Program Android Beta. You will receive an OTA update to the minutes. You can also download the image factory this new beta version. Android Q Beta is available for all three generations of the Google Pixel (Pixel, XL, Pixel 2, 2 XL, Pixel 3, 3 XL).

More information | Android Developers

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Android Q Beta 2 arrives to the Pixel: bubble chat, directional microphones, and more news
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April 3, 2019

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