Android Q for companies: these are the new features for the devices in corporate


Not all what’s new Android P they are designed for the users, it also includes new features addressed to the company, for the employees that use the Google mobile operating system to work.

Android Q wants to offer more security, and a perfect transition between work and personal use with the following new features that will come with your next major update:

dedicated Tab in the app drawer


Android Q improves the profile of the work with the new app drawer that includes a new tab of job, so they are not mixed and duplicate with the applications for personal use. It is still showing the insignia blue to identify which applications are personal and which are corporate use.

To help you to switch off the work, includes a switch to turn off our profile of work. Disables the application of job profiles, notifications and the use of data.

Change profile from the same application

My Tasks Android P

Now, from any application, we can change our personal Google account to our job profile from the same application, or vice versa. As simple as that, as we change our account. There is no longer get out of the personal application and open the work. Android P handles do that when you select the job profile.

Mode Kiosk improved

Kiosk Mode Apps

Many companies use Android devices as payment terminals, digital signage or kiosks informational to help or interact with your customers thanks to the mode kiosk.

This mode allows you to now block on the screen a single application, but in Android P administrators will be able to block various apps and design your own application launcher, hiding the status icons that you do not want to show to their customers.

security Enhancements

other news from Android Q for companies are the following security improvements:

  • IT administrators now have the ability to ask different PIN rules and waiting time for personal profiles and work.
  • Added new additional policies to prevent the sharing of data between work and personal profiles.
  • New APIS that work with keys and certificates to identify secure devices that will access corporate resources.

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Android Q for companies: these are the new features for the devices in corporate
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May 22, 2018

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