Android Studio 3.3 now available: these are their latest products

Android Studio 3.3 now available: these are their news

Android Studio 3.3 stable is already official, which means that application developers can download and use knowing that it has been tried and tested intensively since passed through its beta versions and Canary.

As usual, this update is loaded with new features. Despite the fact that the main focus of this update has been the stability and correction of errors, not missing the new features like the editor of navigation, the cleaner earlier versions or the renewed wizard of new project.

what’s New Android Studio 3.3

Cleaning The wizard of cleanup of old versions
  • Editor navigation. Possibly the biggest change in this version, it is a new tool with which you can create a chart of navigation, a graph that represents the nodes of each screen with the actions that connect them to each other.
  • Cleaner from previous versions. Each time you update Android Studio, the folder of the previous version remained there, occupying in some cases several gigas. Now Android Studio offers to delete the old folders when it detects a previous installation.
  • Update Kotlin and IntelliJ. IntelliJ comes to the version 2018.2.2, while Kotlin is updated to version 1.3.11.
  • Support for Clang-Tidy Support for C++. Was already available for Java and Android, and now this system to identify errors in the code also comes to C++.
  • Send feedback from the Android Studio. If you wish, you can share the data usage of Android Studio for, anonymously, by collaborating in its development. You are asked if you want to work the first time you launch this new version.
  • Compilation faster with a processor of annotations. This version greatly reduces the compilation time always and when you use a plugin of the Gradle plugin version 3.3.0 or higher and a processor of annotations.
  • Lazy task configuration. This plugin uses the API for creating new tasks from Gradle to avoid to initialize and configure tasks that are not required to be completed in the build current.
  • Synchronization of a single variant. It is possible to limit the synchronization of a project to a unique variant to increase the speed of complex projects and with many variations.
  • Android App Bundles now support Instant Apps. It is possible to create Instant Apps that make use of App Bundles, the alternative to the APK.
  • Multiple instance of the same image in the emulator. It was already possible to open multiple emulators different (as long as your computer has enough power), but not in the same system image. Now yes, and with a lower use of resources.
Wizard The new wizard of new project
  • Image to the Android system 9. From the hand of Android Studio 3.3 comes the image of the Android system 9 with Wifi working and Google Play.
  • Best wizard of new project. The wizard that appears when creating a new project includes a new design, in which are integrated all the new options and technologies that have been added in the last updates as AndroidX artifacts or the support for Instant Apps.
  • Emulator faster. The Android emulator included in Android Studio added the quick start in 2017. Starts up faster, but took more to quit, saving the session. This process has been optimized, being eight times faster, according to Google.
  • Improvements in the profiler. It has improved the performance by using profilers of performance. This profiler is now able to display formatted text in different formats like HTML or JSON and the profiler CPU displays the time of rendering of each frame in the main thread.

As always, you should show up the update directly in the Android Studio. Otherwise, you can go to the Help menu – check for updates to download the new version 3.3, or from official site download.

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Android Studio 3.3 now available: these are their latest products
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January 15, 2019

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