Android TV and limitations; currently only have a giant tablet


One of the novelties presented at Google I / O and more unnoticed for us has been Android TV : a new Google attempt to conquer one of the few screens they have left after the failure that was Google TV, and part of the complete unification that wants to perform Google hand from other developments.

Anyway, Jean-Baptiste Queru , the ex-googler division Android and current employee in a position of importance in Yahoo!, has been tinkering Android TV from the point of view of developers, and has made its Google+ some impressions by way of quick notes for developers involved in the platform take into account the time to get to work. And the truth is that keep us very good impressions

Android Tablet is like a TV, but only landscape and giant

It could well sum up the first point. Android TV we can imagine like a Tablet 7 “1080p only has landscape orientation, without touch pad, and the only interaction is a physical controller has arrow keys, enter and escape (can connect a USB mouse, but that does not seem the best choice for an end user).

Obviously applications will require an adjustment to your performance is optimal in Android TV, but perhaps maddening thing is that it’s landscape mode takes the letter : Although the application is designed for vertical, Android TV will not bring it with black borders , will put full size rotated 90 degrees, and I doubt you please turn your gigantic TV every time that you pass.

Text entry is awful

At what I never found it funny having to handle an onscreen keyboard with a remote console or television? As we find ourselves faced with the same problem on Android. And it is not hard, but it is worse when compared to text input on Xbox or Playstation, in the words of Queru own.

Android-TV- hands-on-game-controler-top

This makes entering text by voice in an almost indispensable element for applications that want to succeed work . But of course, when we got to the part where we have to identify things become quite complicated with a text input so bad, and most likely have to look for alternative methods to make this process more user friendly, one that even with the improved control everything.


browser or video player, and support for the Maps API half

Have an application using the URI to transfer the web content or a video player? Well, in theory, you have very complicated if not fucked to make that work. Queru explains that it might be possible, but this developers will have a hard time. It also seems to be Google Maps API v2, v1 but there is no trace in the absence of looking at real depth

Launcher with buts and the remains of the Nexus Q

On the one hand, the new Launcher called Leanback has two parts . we cover a (which is what appears at the beginning and what stands out so much), but then we have a secondary screen that contains all the classic applications. If we want our application out of that secondary display, touch us adapt with appropriate measures.


On the other hand, Queru has noticed that occasionally the log mentions “Tungsten”, the name of that project ended born the missing Nexus Q, so be a small part of the missing media center continues to live thanks to Android TV .


The developers have very difficult to make your applications work seamlessly on Android TV because it comes a very limited platform itself for everything discussed Jean-Baptiste Queru. Do I have to get work and effort down many of these barriers, but today seems somewhat complicated and that seems distant. And until we know more about the project, is very difficult to know much more about what to expect with Android jumping to the big screens in our living rooms.

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Android TV and limitations; currently only have a giant tablet
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July 3, 2014

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