Android Wear 2.8, what’s new: – new dark theme and notifications improved

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If you have a clock based on Android Wear 2.0 then you’ll be interested to know that from today Google is rolling out through the Play Store the new version Android Wear 2.8 by adding important new features.

The new version Android Wear 2.8 is coming to all watches with Android Wear 2.0. This update is independent of the system update to Android Oreo, which is only coming to the most recent. Version 2.8 arrives with the update of Android Wear’s internal clock.

Android Wear 2.8 introduces only two new, but no less important, since one of them may lengthen slightly the autonomy of your watch, even if it take a few extra minutes.

dark Theme

Android Wear 2.8

Android Wear updates part of the interface to change the grey color background for the color pure black of your new dark theme. Now the bottom of the drawer of the applications, the customization of the fields and of the bar of rapid adjustments will be black. This will cause the OLED display of watches consume slightly less energy.

Android Wear 2.8

More text in the notifications

The second development has to do with notifications. Now on Android Wear 2.8 has improved the visibility of the notifications with a new layout that displays more text messages at a glance. So in many messages, we avoid having to move to see all of its contents.

How do I update my Android Wear

To update your Android Wear the new version 2.8 you’ll just have to wait to receive your update. You can check if you already have the update coming to the Play Store of your watch. Once inside the apps store you have to swipe your finger down to access the menu of the Play Store. There tap the icon of My applications to see if you already have available the upgrade of the Android Wear. You can also find the Android application Wear in the app store to see if you have a new version ready to download.

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Android Wear 2.8, what’s new: – new dark theme and notifications improved
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January 18, 2018

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