‘Annabelle returns home’: the doll scared just to continue squeezing the disturbing universe Warren

'Annabelle returns home': the doll scared just to continue squeezing the disturbing universe Warren

The universe Warren has become the great franchise of horror films of the past. And is that can the production company Blumhouse is the main dominator of the genre, but the saga begun by James Warren in 2013 with the great ‘Expediente Warren: The Conjuring’ has not failed to create box office hits.

Now it is the turn of ‘Annabelle returns home’, the third installment of the saga dedicated to the terrifying doll. Up to now none of the spin-offs of the universe Warren had been at the level of the two editions directed by Wan, and we’ll still have to wait for that to happen, because the tape that now concerns us did not go beyond the be an acceptable horror movie that never ends of making the most of all the ingredients that you have at your disposal.

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Scene Annabelle

One of the more suggestive of ‘Record Warren: The Conjuring’ was the presentation of the room in which they kept under lock and key for all types of objects and artifacts problematic. Annabelle stood out above all of them and that’s why she ended up having his own movie, but one of the great strengths of the film that concerns us was that the left wrist could sow terror using their peculiar fellow stay, thus giving a greater variety to the set.

at The end it is appropriate to clarify that ‘Annabelle returns home’ never gets to have sufficient strength so that the viewer squirms uncomfortably in his chair,. That variety I mentioned before is in there, but just giving the feeling of find the impact more through the amount that by developing the threat in such a way that one comes to fear what might happen.

At least the film avoids repeated and allows you to play certain games that are visual -most managed to do is everything related to the fog when the action shifts for a time to the exterior of the home of the Warren – that make easier viewing, but Gary Dauberman fails to provide the film of the gripper is necessary. Missing in that approach is that Wan himself left it very clear, opting for a more classy in ‘Record Warren: The Conjuring’ and by a power of camera is tremendous in its sequel.



What one finds in ‘Annabelle returns home’ it is a work of staging functional which succeeds in giving the adequate rhythm for one will never disconnect but beyond that doesn’t bring anything really distinctive. In fact, in the purely technical is situated below ‘The nun’, where that failed was a script so failed that polluted the set. Here the libretto also signed by own Dauberman itself is quite correct.

The other great asset that he had at his disposal Dauberman is the of count with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson giving life again to Lorraine and Ed Warren, even if you already input it was clear that his presence was going to be secondary in the best of cases. Yes, they are the main protagonists of the prologue, and there ‘Annabelle returns home’ feels like a film far more important, both for the contribution of the actors as by the execution from the scene.

Image Annabelle

In reality there is nothing memorable in it, as it all boils down to that Lorraine and Ed are aware of the particularities of Annabelle, but it really feels like a continuation of their adventures in the paranormal instead of an add-on more or less necessary as happens with the rest of the footage.

yes, I don’t have anything clear that the franchise Annabelle can or should move forward after the movie we deals. I can’t think of anything that can tell about it and that it makes sense to do so. They told us his past in the first installment, its true origin in the second and how he ended up in the hands of the Warren here. Is already, please.

A pastime of terror light to continue squeezing the popularity of the franchise that starts with the strength to then go accumulating situations terrifying without ever seeing any of them leave a mark. We will, to pass the time without expecting anything approaching the level of the two films of the universe Warren directed by James Wan.

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‘Annabelle returns home’: the doll scared just to continue squeezing the disturbing universe Warren
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July 11, 2019

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