Aoshima, the Japanese island dominated by cats

Aoshima, the Japanese island dominated by cats

Aoshima is an island in southern Japan which it is almost dominated by cats. In fact, there are more cats than people, thus making Aoshima the area with more cats per square meter .

The first animals came to fight a plague of mice that destroyed fishing boats. However, the cats began to reproduce and finished populating the city. Thus, over 120 of them live with a slight number of people who are responsible for feeding them, although the nurse people more responsible for it.

Therefore, it is Aoshima almost impossible to walk without receiving the constant pleas of cats to be fed. As a result, the island also known as cats has become a phenomenon on the Internet , which has increased the number of tourists in the area.

Cats Aoshima 2

Almost daily, Internet handles enlighten the peculiar anecdotes that are part of the lives of cats. Whether in the form of meme or visiting a secluded Japanese island, cats continue to do our life a little more fun

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Aoshima, the Japanese island dominated by cats
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July 31, 2015

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