Apple Card, a new credit card

During its event last week, Apple also introduced Apple Card, a new type of credit card that will help customers to have a financial life more healthy. Apple Card is included in the application, Apple Wallet, and offers users a familiar experience with Apple Pay, and the ability to manage your card directly on an iPhone

The aim is to simplify the application process, eliminating costs, and providing incentives to customers to pay less interest, offering a new level of privacy and security. Also includes a rewards program interesting with Daily Cash, which returns a percentage of every purchase as cash each day.

users will be able to sign up for the Apple Card through the app Wallet on their iPhones in a matter of minutes and begin using Apple Pay in local, in applications or online around the world. The Apple support Card is available 24/7 by sending a text message from the Messages.

Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps labels the transactions with the names of premises and their location. Purchases are aggregated and organised into categories with color codes such as: Food and beverage, Shopping and Entertainment. You may request summaries weekly or monthly.

customers will receive a percentage back of each purchase with a Apple Card like Daily Cash. Daily Cash amount is added to the card Apple Cash and can be used for purchases using Apple Pay, advance as payment of the balance of Apple Card, or to send to friends or family via Messages. Customers will receive a 2% of your purchases with Apple Card and 3% in direct purchases to Apple.

there are No fees associated with the card, or annual, late, international, or over the limit. If a customer does not pay on time you will not be charged a penalty fee. Apple Card will show payment options, calculating the costs of interest with different amounts of payments in real time.

All transactions are secure. A card number unique is created in iPhone for Apple Card and is stored securely in the device’s Secure Element, a chip, a special seat used by Apple Pay. Each purchase must be authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple is partnering with Goldmand Sachs and Mastercard to further enhance the experience with Apple Card.

To premises in which Apple Pay is not accepted yet, Apple has designed a card of titanium, without number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature, so that it is more secure than any other card. Purchases made with the card titanium receive a 1% return Daily Cash.

Apple Card for now will only be available in the united States, and you can already register. The service will begin to operate at half of the year.


Apple Card, a new credit card
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April 3, 2019

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