Apple Card would be launched in the first half of August

According to a latest report from Bloomberg, Apple Card would be scheduled for release in the united States in early August.
Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs to launch the card, which will be optimized for Apple Pay, but will also operate as a traditional credit card for making any type of transaction. The virtual card will also be available in physical version, of titanium, to be able to be used in businesses that don’t accept Apple Pay.

Goldman Sachs will provide the infrastructure for the system, managing payment disputes, transaction data, and gathering data for the monthly summaries.

many, many, Many Apple employees have already been testing their cards Apple Card, offering a 3% refund on purchases of Apple, 2% back in transactions, Apple Pay, and 1% back on any other type of purchase.

The registration for the new card will be extremely simple, using the application Wallet, which will support Apple Card as part of the update of iOS 12.4. All purchases will be registered in the app Wallet, with a division of expenses in different categories: health, food, shopping, etc ..


Apple Card would be launched in the first half of August
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August 15, 2019

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