Apple iPhone debuts renewal plan in Spain

the company begins to offer its customers deliver your old iPhone in exchange for a new one paying the difference. The program premiered Friday in Spanish, French and Italian shops

The California company wants to increase sales of its flagship product through a programa renewal. Now he comes to Spain, France and Italy, discovered by setteB / 9to5macfriends . Allows users to deliver your old iPhone in exchange for a discount, or discount fees on financing, when buying a new one.

In the example table, showing the company itself, is show the fees payable 24 months 16GB models:

Apple Store Spain

Apple Store Spain

the financing is done through a credit to 24 months to 5.85% and 6.04% APR TIN with Cetelem bank.

They also offer direct discounts for the purchase is not funded. At most, Apple will assess your iPhone at 290 euros, a price significantly lower than the second hand market, but with less stifling red tape.

Apple Store Spain

the values ​​are estimates can check the exact value with the tool the company offers. The rate will decrease according to the phone status.

The plan is different premiered last year in the United States, where users can buy the latest iPhone model under a fixed monthly fee.


Apple iPhone debuts renewal plan in Spain
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