Apple jokes with discounts during Black Friday

This week Apple updated its Website with a new page in joke about a shopping event for Black Friday. Last year Apple offered no discount in Black Friday, leaving it to other resellers of their products, conduct special promotions.

On the website of Black Friday Apple points out sarcastically that during this day we will offer free shipping on products in stock orders made before 5PM (as all shipments of Apple, 365 days of the year), also allowing you to participate in the promotions through the application to the Apple Store and on the premises. People who want to visit the local Apple during the Friday should be a review of the schedules because there will be times uniform opening and closing.

Apple also created links to collections of gifts for the festivities of the end of the year curated by the company and are divided in various categories.

it is Not clear what would be the promotions offered by Apple in this year, on other occasions, Apple has offered gift cards in varying amounts with the purchase of Apple products.


Apple jokes with discounts during Black Friday
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November 24, 2016

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