Apple launches a Web site to pay bills Apple Card online

Apple this week released a Web site that allows customers of Apple Card can review their summaries, look at your spending and make online payments of your balances. Users can log in with their Apple ID, and the design of the page is simple and easy to navigate, with the balance of the card in the center, along with the next scheduled payment date and the limits total are available.

you can Also view the monthly summaries and can be downloaded. In the settings users can add a bank account, arrange payments pre-set, or see the benefits of the network Mastercard. There is also a support section that offers a guide to the user and a phone number of help.

All of these functions were available in the app Wallet, but many users prefer to have a Web site from their desktop computers.

Apple now also allows those who want to apply for a Apple Card can do it from the apple Web site through a browser, when you purchase a product using the payment option Apple Card Monthly Installments, a feature that before was only available to Safari or the app on the Apple Store. To reflect these changes, Apple has sent an e-mail to their customers informing them about the updates of the agreements with the customers.

Apple is offering a promotion for new users of Apple Card, offering $ 50 Daily Cash when Apple Card is first used to pay for any service from Apple, or purchase in an App Store.


Apple launches a Web site to pay bills Apple Card online
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July 3, 2020

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